Allergy and immunology in Latin America

It is a laboratory of clinical analysis in general and specialized. We performed bacteriological analysis .

Inmunologico, Laboratorio clinico

It is a laboratory of clinical analysis in general and specialized. We performed bacteriological analysis
1- Santiago Esq. Dr.Delgado 2- Av.Sabana Larga 115 - Santo Domingo - Distrito Nacional - Dominican Republic

Alergólogo, Centro de Alergia e Inmunologia Sarra

Alergólogo, Centro de Alergia e Inmunologia Sarra - Management and control of asthma in children and adults.
- Allergic Rhinitis and its complications (sinusitis, conjunctivitis ).
- Skin allergies urticaria, contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis or eczema.
- Allergy to foods.
- Allergy to drugs.
- Allergy to insects.
- Anaphylactic reactions.
- Diagnosis of immunological diseases.
- Recurrent infections.
Cll 13 # 1E- 44 Consultorio 510B - Cúcuta - Norte de Santander - Colombia

Doctors in América Latina
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Instituto Peruano de Inmunologia Alergia y Nutrici

Our institute is dedicated to the study and treatment of allergic diseases such as asthma, rhinitis, sinusitis in children and adults, primary immunodeficiency, secondary HIV AIDS, autoimmune immunomodulatory treatment of cancer with combined experience of over 20 years.
Av. Brasil 701 - Jesús María - Lima - Peru

Asma, Alergia e Inmunologia Clinica

Castor No. 3, Esq. Canal de Miramontes, Col. Prados de Coyoacan, Coyoacan, D.F. - Coyoacán - Distrito Federal - Mexico

Alergia e Inmunología

Alergia e Inmunología Services

The main services that the ACB has Filial Cochabamba are:

- Driving school

- Unit towing and mechanical help

- Unit fuels

- Washing unit and vehicle maintenance

- Tourism Unit road

- Cabañas Villa Tunari

Diagnosis and treatment of respiratory and skin allergies and autoimmune diseases.

most common allergies:

Rhinitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, asthma.

Urticaria, atopic dermatitis.

allergic conjunctivitis.
Calle Baptista 761 entre La Paz y Teniente Arévalo. Edificio Medicorp, 3er Piso. Detrás de Banco Bisa (El Prado) - Cercado - Cochabamba - Bolivia
Rpte: Dra. Melina Nava Gonzáles

Pediatras en los Estados Unidos -
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Medical centers in América Latina
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Dr. Lorenzo Sacio Ch.

Attention in: medicine general - allergies: dermatitis - rinitis - allergy generally. - gynecology menopause - osteoporosis - controls of pregnancy and childbirths generally. - medical emergencias
Av. Arequipa 2080 Ofic. 414 - Lince - Lima - Peru

Alergia Asma Perú

Alergia Asma Perú Company dedicated to providing diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases in children and adults. Food allergy, respiratory allergy, atopic dermatitis, urticaria, drug allergies.
- San Martín de Porres - Lima - Peru

Alergia, Asma e Inmunología Clínica

Av. Cuauhtémoc 842
Entre E. Murillo y Carmen Pérez
Fracc. Los Pinos
Veracruz, Ver
C.P. 91870 - Veracruz - Mexico

Dermatologists in América Latina
Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the skin hair and nails. ...

Clinical analysis laboratories in América Latina
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Vitalité Consultorio Médico Estético

Aesthetic doctor's office with cosmiatr services, nutrition, dermatology, gastroenterology, immunology, allergy and inmunoestética. especailistas international experience in each branch.
ave. Occidental y Jorge Piedra, Conjunto El Pedregal torre 1, a una cuadra de la Agencia Nacional de Tránsito. - Cochapamba - Quito - Ecuador

Domicilab Laboratorio Clinico a Domicilio

Domicilab Laboratorio Clinico a Domicilio  
calle los pinos 156 - Miraflores - Lima - Peru