Cardiovascular diseases in Latin America

Child cardiology pediatrician. Cardiovascular evaluation. Eco heart. eco fetal heart. arrhythmias clinics. control of healthy and sick children .

Dra Gabriela Rodríguez

Child Cardiology pediatrician. cardiovascular evaluation. Eco heart. Eco Fetal heart. Arrhythmias clinics. Control of healthy and sick children
Centro Medico Sta Lucila Calle Freites Pto La Cruz PB - Juan Antonio Sotillo - Anzoátegui - Venezuela

Pronut Asesoría Nutricional

Pronut Asesoría Nutricional Nutritional counseling.
1. Talks, health fairs and nutritional development workshops to the public.
2. Consultation and development of nutritional meal plans for:
- Children, adolescents, adults, seniors.
- Women in gestation and lactation.
- Ablactation.
- Athletes.
- Vegetarians and vegans.
3. Practice and diet therapy clinic for:
- Pathologies (diseases) of the upper gastrointestinal tract and under: hiatal hernia, acute and chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer, gastrectomy, cholelithiasis, celiac More...
Del cementerio de Desamparados 500 metros sur y 200 metros oeste. Localidad blanca con azul a mano derecha. - San José - Costa Rica

Doctors in América Latina
Reconstructive orthopedic surgery of the lower limbs children and adults. ...

Licenciada en Nutricion

Thomas Edison 1557 (e) - Santa Lucía - San Juan - Argentina

Clinica Tikal

Diagnosis and treatment of headaches, migraines, nervousness, restlessness, insomnia, sadness, poor sleep, seizures, crisis anguish and despair, repetitive ideas, thoughts of not wanting to live, lose sense of reason, aggressiveness without apparent reason , conflicting personalities.
33 avenida 12-87 zona 7, colonia tikal II - Guatemala - Guatemala

Consultorio Clínico Libertad

Consultorio Clínico Libertad Color Doppler echocardiogram individuals and health institutions.
El Viejo Pancho 2586 - Pocitos - Montevideo - Uruguay

Centros médicos y ambulatorios en los Estados Unidos -
Atencion a pacientes de todas edades (infantes, niños, adolecentes, mujeres embarazadas y lactantes, deportistas, personas de la tercera edad) Evaluacion y tratamiento personalizado...

Guía de trabajo y empleos en América Latina -
Encuentra trabajo o personal en América Latina. Anuncios gratuitos con curriculum.

Clinica de Varices J&D

Clinica de Varices J&D Non-surgical treatment of varicose veins, thrombophlebitis and venous ulcers. phlebologists medical experience for 35 años.espuma, microfoam ecoguide, preventive treatments economy class syndrome. without rest, you can perform normal activity immediately.
Dr Miguel Aguado 10, 2º C 28944 -Fuenlabrada - Madrid (comunidad) - Spain

Médico Internista

Calle Perú # 30. Entre calle mango y ciricote. Fracc. Flor de limón. CP. 24069 - Campeche - Mexico

Clinica de Venas Laser y Estetica

Clinica de Venas Laser y Estetica Specializing in ambulatory management of venous disease , varicose veins, cups , telangiectasias , varicose ulcer, minimally invasive surgery , laser surgery, ENOF , sclerosing foam Clinic.
calle 12 numero 21-22 - Yopal - Casanare - Colombia

Clinics and hospitals in América Latina
Dr. Alexander Mendez (Pediatrician - Nephrologist). Consultation in Merida. ...


Acupuntura Acupuncture Clinic since 1988 with vast experience in treating acute and chronic pain.

Furthermore, other complementary treatments such as homeopathy, biopuncture, prolotherapy.
Centro Comercial La Alhambra
Via RJ Alfaro - Panamá - Panama

Oswaldo Silva Rodríguez

Specialist in thoracic and cardiovascular diseases : diabetic foot (assessment, cures, angiography, bypass ), dialysis fistulas, varicose veins, pleurisy, thrombosis, pulmonary tumors, aneurysms, pericarditis, poor circulation.
Clínica San Antonio: Avda. Larco 630 - Trujillo - Peru