Chiropractics in Latin America

Course chiropractic and osteopathy with duration of one week, three hours of daily classes, two theoretical and practical time with the patient, taught by alejandro lopez.

Centro Quiropráctico y Osteópata

Course chiropractic and osteopathy with duration of one week, three hours of daily classes, two theoretical and practical time with the patient, taught by Alejandro Lopez Camacaro with Doctorate PhD in Chiropractic and Bachelor of Osteopathy, graduated America University of Alternative Medicine New Jersey USA and Holistic Medicine at the University of Carabobo Venezuela.
Edificio Funcamet, ubicado en calle Lara con calle Josè Luis Andrade, Carora estado Lara - Torres - Lara - Venezuela

Terapias Centro Medico Familiar

We offer relaxing massages. therapeutic, chiropractic, reflexology and many more therapies. We also have courses in natural medicine, chiropractic, massage.
We have dental clinixa for adults and children, clinical psychology and educational. Early stimulation workshops. Quotes. Messages or queries at tel 42576901 whatsapp
Calzada San Juan 7-20 z. 7 Tikal ll - Guatemala - Guatemala

Natural medicine in América Latina
Aromatherapy products....

M&M Massage Center

Plaza Colonial
Suite 8 Sosúa - Sosua - Puerto Plata - Dominican Republic

Terapias Naturales

Iridology, naturopathy, reiki, dowsing, ortho-molecular nutrition, bio-magnetism, new medicine Germanic naturism.
victoria 351 - Villa Alemana - Valparaíso - Chile

Centro Quiropractico Las Catalinas

Our mission is to guide our society to make wise and educated decisions about their welfare.
Las Catalinas Mall Cinemas Building
Suite 210, Caguas, P. R. 00725 - Caguas - Puerto Rico

Physical therapy in América Latina
Reductive treatments based massage wooden maderoterapia. Programs 12 days, non-invasive, 100% natural. Guarantee or we will refund your total direro....

Cuñas para Osteopatia

Wedges are the practical means for recovering as mass lesion from the patient is used, besides allowing ligamentous treating edema that the patient remains several minutes on shims allowing adjustment or thrust.
- Santiago - Chile

Quiropráctica Berna Blanco

Effective method for the treatment of Parkinson's column, jaw, depression, brought from USA.
The clinic is staffed by chiropractic Bern Blanco. Hours: Monday to Saturday from 9.00am. to 9.00p.m. Thank you.
Calle los Olivos 204 Dpto. 31 San Isidro. - Lima - Peru

Escuela de Quiromasaje Ricardo Bravo

lymphatic, quiromassage, shiatsu, drenaje veno, reflexology, digitopuntura, cranial Hindu, tai, tuina, podology, massage, quiromassage, relax, stress
Jr. Ismael Bielich 346, Urb. Vista Alegre, santiago de Surco - Santiago de Surco - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Ricardo Bravo

Acupuncture in América Latina
Lic's office. KGO. FTRA. Adrian Corbo provides personalized assistance through its extensive knowledge and experience in acupuncture and other branches of natural medicine. ...

Osteopathy in América Latina
Physiotherapy center, with professionals trained in manual therapy, osteopathy, manual lymphatic drainage. ...

Oscar Masajes

Serbs of massages and therapies at home or in office.
Husares de Junin 128 - Jesús María - Lima - Peru


Treatment of general diseases, allergy, asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis, diabetes, prostate, liver, gallbladder, varicose veins, cramps, sumbido, deafness, uric acid, cholesterol, triglycerides, kidney, colitis, gastritis, constipation, inflammation, hemorrhoids, impotence, menopause view, migraine headaches, arms, shoulders, waist, ribs, insonmio, rheumatism, arthritis, sciatica, spine, neck, dizziness, high-precise tolerance low, incontinence, swelling, obesity, poor circulation, facial paralysis, pain back rodillass, legs, among others.
- Huajuapan de León - Oaxaca - Mexico