Clinics and hospitals in Latin America

Ccsur, it is characterized by a complete quality care and services of general medicine and specialties, laboratory sampling.

Dra Adriana Ivette Dávila Zerpa

Sociedad Anticancerosa de Mérida. Venezuela. Sector El Llano. Avenida 3 con calle 32, entrada Ambulatorio Venezuela. Lunes, miércoles y viernes (8:30 am a 10:30 am) - Libertador - Mérida - Venezuela

CCSUR Centro Clinico Sur

CCSUR, it is characterized by a complete quality care and services of general medicine and specialties, laboratory sampling.
Barrio los mangos, dos cuadras al norte de Plaza del Sur, Contiguo a Servipril. - Choluteca - Honduras

Doctors in América Latina
Comprehensive Clinic pediatric patient care, immunizations, growth and development, general pediatric surgery, minor surgery packages or mabulatoria....

Clínica de Psicología Adolescentes y Adultos.

Psychological care for adolescents and adults.
4ta. Avenida 5-04 zona 1 San Lucas. Frente al centro de salud - Sacatepéquez - Guatemala

Pediatra Nefrólogo Mérida

Avenida Urdaneta centro profesional Norem, al lado de la Clínica Mérida
Santa Bárbara del Zulia - Libertador - Mérida - Venezuela

Clinica San Plablo E.I.R.L. Ltda.

Bolognesi 461 - Trujillo - Peru

Medical centers in América Latina
Medicine regenerativaregeneraci?n articularUna hope to stop and to cure artrosisla regenerative medicine has developed new therapies that allow to a functional recovery of joints and...

Plastic surgery in América Latina
Doctor-surgeon. Antienvejecimiento. Aesthetic-cosmetic. Nutrition and obesity. Control of weight and obesity, lipoescultura without surgery (ultrasound), face rejuvenation, wrinkles, furrows, spots, acne, botul?nica toxin, increase of...

Dra. Yolanda Vintimilla Cirujana Oncòloga

Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of precancerous lesions and cancers.
Av. Solano y Miguel Cordero - El Pan - Azuay - Ecuador

Galenus Vip Medical Services

Galenus is a company dedicated to providing emergency medical services outside the hospital and provide consultancy in the area of ??health to public and private entities. is composed of a group of physicians trained and bilingual graduates who provide home health services in hotels and inns as well as mass activities. Some of our physicians providing emergency room services in More...
- Pueblo - San Juan - Puerto Rico

Clinica Tikal

Diagnosis and treatment of headaches, migraines, nervousness, restlessness, insomnia, sadness, poor sleep, seizures, crisis anguish and despair, repetitive ideas, thoughts of not wanting to live, lose sense of reason, aggressiveness without apparent reason , conflicting personalities.
33 avenida 12-87 zona 7, colonia tikal II - Guatemala - Guatemala

Rehabilitation centers in América Latina
Centers for the rehabilitation of addicted women Care centers for the rehabilitation of drug addicted women consists of successive stages for rehabilitation and takes a...


Expodepot gets his orders for all types of medical representatives to the sale and rental of booth, table demonstrator, brand design, design of shop, office etc.
Calzada Norte No. 160-2 - Zapopan - Jalisco - Mexico

Consulta Privada de Ortopedia

Specialized medical care for trauma and orthopedics for adults and children
Clínica Báez.- Amador. semaforos lozelsa dos cuadras y media al norte. Altamira. - Managua - Nicaragua