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We are an option in health, with the highest quality standards, we have extensive facilities, easy access, latest technology in hospital and diagnostic center, professional, competent.

Hospital Seinsa

Hospital Seinsa We are an option in health, with the highest quality standards, we have extensive facilities, easy access, Latest technology in hospital and Diagnostic Center, professional, competent and committed to continuous improvement, evolving scientific research, our priority customer service efficiency and effectiveness. All our efforts for health and life.
Colonia San Jose Sanarate, El Progreso - El Progreso - Guatemala

Dra Adriana Ivette Dávila Zerpa

Ultrasound Medical Service (ecosonograms) of: soft parts generally. Neck. Ultrasound soft tissue of abdominal wall. Sonographic evaluation of hernias and hernias. Lipomas. Thyroid ultrasound. Breast ultrasound. Abdominal ultrasound, hepatobiliary, renal. pelvic ultrasound. Transvaginal. Doppler ultrasound prostate and bladder.
Sociedad Anticancerosa de Mérida. Venezuela. Sector El Llano. Avenida 3 con calle 32, entrada Ambulatorio El Llano. Lunes, miércoles y viernes (8:30 am a 10:30 am) - Libertador - Mérida - Venezuela

Doctors in América Latina
Location very accessible to tourists from northern Nicaragua to Somoto Ocotal. Expert in primary care and medical consulting medical online. Graduated in Leon Nicaragua Unite....

Medical centers in América Latina
We are a center that realises discardings of osteoporosis, by means of a modern equipment of radiology to the bones called bony densitimetr?a. We count...

Pediatra Nefrólogo Mérida

Dr. Alexander Mendez (Pediatrician - Nephrologist). Consultation in Merida.
Avenida Urdaneta centro profesional Norem, al lado de la Clínica Mérida
Santa Bárbara del Zulia - Libertador - Mérida - Venezuela

Ambulancia Vía Medica del Norte

We offer transfers, medical home visits, ambulance service, medical topics for companies, medical coverage for events, etc. ambulance
C.P.M Laran Mz C Lte 12 El Transito Monsefu - Chiclayo - Peru

Clínica de Infecciones de Transmisión Sexual

It provides specialized medical care to people with sexually transmitted infections (STIs) / Venereal Diseases (genital warts, chancroid, herpes, petty, vaginal discharge, any type of secretion and / or ulcers in private parts) with friendly, professional and sensitive to the context requires. It serves by appointment.
3ra. Avenida, 10-44, zona 1. - Guatemala - Guatemala

Plastic surgery in América Latina
Related services Aesthetic Plastic Surgery...

Rehabilitation centers in América Latina
Rehabilitation across osteoarticular pathology in a quiet seaside modern machines, professionalism, seriousness. ...

Hospital Florencia de Mora

Av. 9 de Octubre s/n - Trujillo - Peru

Pie Diabético

The Diabetic Foot is regarded worldwide as a major health problem because of its high mortality and morbidity.
Treatment with hyperbaric oxygenation promotes the following events that promote healing and healing of ulcers and lesions:
Remove tissue hypoxia.
It has bactericidal and bacteriostatic anaerobic bacteria in aerobic bacteria. Anaerobic organisms can be inhibited directly.
Promotes oxidative reduction of polymorphonuclear to restore the ability to More...
Av. Camino Real a Toluca 525 Local D Col. Cristo Rey México, D.F.
03819 - A. Obregón - Distrito Federal - Mexico

Lcmed Equipamentos para Medicina e Estética

Lcmed Equipamentos para Medicina e Estética A company specializing in the sale of domestic and imported products in the field of physiotherapy, rehabilitation, surgery, dermatology, health and beauty, rental and sale of laser equipment and radio frequency products.
- Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil

General surgery in América Latina
- Consulting service specializing in breast - Disgnostico and treatment of breast cancer - Diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases - Oncoplastic surgery - Biopsy...


Fisioespalda multidisciplinary center for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of spinal pathologies. Treatment of chronic pain associated. Rehabilitation and physical medicine specific column. Physiotherapy, therapeutic exercise.
Av. 8 de Octubre 2355 Of 204 esq. Bv. Artigas.
Torre del Congreso. - Tres Cruces - Montevideo - Uruguay

Inversiones Medicas Jenn

Buying, selling, maintenance of medical equipment and laboratory conditioning x-ray rooms, lead foil, leaded glass, revealed tanks in stainless steel design of operating rooms, apartments electroconductive, clean room lamps, germicidal lamps, hospital grade Multitake, surgical sink, epoxy paint, called a nurse, dig for corpses, stainless steel transfer operating rooms and sterilization area, medical gases.
Conjunto Residencial El Prado casa No. 2 Altos de Paramillo vía Helechales Municipio Cárdenas Estado Tachira Venezuela - Táchira - Venezuela
Rpte: Jaime Niño