Dental clinics in Latin America

Treatments: * general dentistry * children * teens * grown ups * orthopedics * orthodontics * endodontics (root canals).

Dental clinic Dra. Rosario Rodríguez Albornoz

Dental clinic Dra. Rosario Rodríguez Albornoz Treatments:

* General dentistry

* Children

* Teens

* Grown ups

* Orthopedics

* Orthodontics

* Endodontics (root canals)

* Extractions (tooth extractions)

* Full Prosthesis

* Removable partial denture

* Chromos

* Fixed Bridges

* Implants

* Aesthetics

* Blanqueamientos

* Prophylactic fluortopicacion

* Neuromiorelajantes Plates

* Plates for athletes
Av Brasil 3123/304 - Pocitos - Montevideo - Uruguay


Odontodigital We offers treatments on the vanguard of international odontology utilizing advanced techniques and equipment recognized by the best dentistry societies in the world such as those in Brazil, France and USA.
All our techniques are 100% aesthetic. Some international insurance reimbursement.
Calle Shell 319, Oficina 606, Miraflores, Lima, Peru. - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Dr. Carlos Cueva

Dentists in América Latina
Dentistry for children, oral and maxillofacial surgery and oral rehabilitation and dental implants in the same place. ...

Dental implants in América Latina
We are a dental practice internationally renowned exclusively for people seeking excellence: quality assurance, timeliness and satisfaction for people who have little time to complete...

Ceprosi Dental

Ceprosi Dental  
19 calle 5-47 zona 10 Edificio Unicentro Oficina 905-B 9 nivel - Guatemala - Guatemala

Spa Odontologico e Implantes

Dental clinic with all specialties
Calle Pancho Fierro 150 A Cayma - Arequipa - Peru

Costa Odontologia Integrada

praça da sé, 371
salas 910-911
bairro sé
são paulo - São Paulo - Brazil

Smile design in América Latina
Orthodontics and cosmetic orthodontics Dorada in Caldas permanent and personalized orthodontic ...

Oral rehabilitation in América Latina
Cosmetic dentistry makes everything related to dental implants crowns boxes from rehabilitation partial shims periodontics endodontics and extractions surgeries smile design with good quality and...

Clínica Odontológica Odentix

Clínica Odontológica Odentix We are a dental clinic that provides professional services in the capital of Ecuador. We guarantee a personalized, ethical and highly qualified in all areas of the dental industry with over 10 years in providing dental services enjoy the prestige and recognition of our individual patients, insurance companies and institutions of great importance to national treatment .
We take quality guarantee More...
Wilson E7-14 y Reina Victoria
Mariscal - La Floresta - Quito - Ecuador

Opat - Implantes Dentales en La Paternal

Health services dentists dental prostheses, implants, tubes, bolts, sleeves, repairs.

We are registered professionals dedicated to personal attention under biosafety standards hygiene and sterilization in practice enabled by the CABA meet all your requirements for safety performing treatments with high quality materials and laboratories of excellence devoting all our time to its clinical case first consultation and free estimate expect them More...
Cucha Cucha 2123 dpto 1 - La Paternal - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Dr. Thiago Miranda Implantodontia

Dr. Thiago Miranda Implantodontia Specialized em reabilitações com demtários osseointegráveis ??and próteses implant implant. Temos or compromisso of-the paltados reabilita atendimento not humanized, na na ethics and com sua saúde Responsiblity.
Especialista em Implantes Demtários Referência para Ipiaú e região. - Bahia - Brazil

Prótesis dentales en los Estados Unidos -
Servicios de Laboratorio: - Prótesis completas - Prótesis parciales - Prótesis provisorias - Trabajos de ortopedia - Placas neuro-miorelajantes - Placas Estampadas - Trabajos en...

Estilo Oral

Orthodontic dental clinic, oral rehabilitation, dental implants, periodontics, pediatric dentistry, endodontics, oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry.
cra. 49 48a 14 itagui antioquia - Itagüí - Antioquia - Colombia

Claudia Patricia Leon Alvarado

Claudia Patricia Leon Alvarado Smilecenter leaders vital dental group specializing in implant dentistry, smile designs, plans periodoncia.amplios Credit
Calle 75 #45 07 loc 103 - Barranquilla - Atlántico - Colombia
Rpte: claiudia leon