Dental implants in Latin America

We are a dental practice internationally renowned exclusively for people seeking excellence: quality assurance, timeliness and satisfaction for people who have little time to complete dental.

Implantes dentales e Injertos óseos en Lima Perú

Implantes dentales e Injertos óseos en Lima Perú We are a dental practice internationally renowned exclusively for people seeking excellence: quality assurance, timeliness and satisfaction for people who have little time to complete dental care and looking for the best immediate solution to their dental and oral problems. We offer complete treatment experienced no pain in one session to: foreign compatriots living outside of Peru, business, political merchants, More...
Av. Pedro Venturo 540 Residencial Higuereta. - Santiago de Surco - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Dr. González (Director)

Consultorio Dental

Dental implants
Implant prosthetics
Dental Aesthetics
Dental surgery
Calle Ecuador #2164 edif. Carla Patricia mezz. Of. 203 Sopocachi - Pedro Domingo Murillo - La Paz - Bolivia

Dentists in América Latina
The program is known for being easy to use and adapted to the needs of each particular office, besides having several interesting features, each designed...

Clinica Dental Cristo de la Concordia

Specializing in Oral Surgery, Implantology and Orthodontics attention.
Holistic treatments in dental surgery, endodontics, periodontics and dental prostheses.
Quality care with warmth.
"A smile is the best card"
CENTRAL: Calle Harrison #1945, Zona Miraflores (paralela a la puerta principal del Hospital Materno Infantil) - Pedro Domingo Murillo - La Paz - Bolivia
SUCURSAL: Pasaje Ortega #550, Zona Rosario (lado escuela Nestor Peñaranda)

Costa Odontologia Integrada

praça da sé, 371
salas 910-911
bairro sé
são paulo - São Paulo - Brazil

Radio Odonto Digital

Clinical diagnosis of oral and maxillofacial.
Tomography odontologica Cone Bean
odontologica Radiology
Documentations for orthodontics (panoramic cephalometric radiographs awards awards widescreen models studio photographs.

Dra. Luz Lilia V. Anaguari Specialist Radiology Postgraduate Dentistry-Campinas Brazil RNE No. 979 (Peru) CRO-PA 4586 (Brazil)
Calle Santa Lucia Mz R Lote 16 Urb. La Merced
(frente a la parroquia de Fatima) - Trujillo - Peru
Rpte: Martin Uriol

Dental clinics in América Latina
We deal in selling materials and equipment for dentists and dental students. ...

Clinica dental Dr Fausto Abdo

Our team consists of qualified professionals who have joined expertise and innovation, with the sole purpose is to improve health jar.
With 12 years of existence we have established ourselves in the market delivering a service to the community of Quito adapting to the needs of each of our patients.
Av shiris N35-71 y Suecia Edif Argentum O 501 (5to piso) - Benalcázar - Quito - Ecuador

Red Odontológica Metropolitana

Network of doctor's offices deprived with centers of attention in different zones from the city. All the specialties: You implant, prothesis, ortodoncia, restorations, surgeries. Affiliations with immediate rights. Familiar plans. Special discounts in treatments to our partners.
Consultorios en distintos puntos de la ciudad. - Centro - Montevideo - Uruguay

Clinica dental Guzmán & S.

Matta 549, Edificio Germania, piso 3, of. 308 - Osorno - Los Lagos - Chile

Smile design in América Latina
We are a team of dental specialists with extensive experience and expertise we provide quality and comprehensive solutions for all your oral health problems....

Oral rehabilitation in América Latina
Cosmetic dentistry makes everything related to dental implants crowns boxes from rehabilitation partial shims periodontics endodontics and extractions surgeries smile design with good quality and...

IntegraDent Clinica Odontologica Integral

Our dental clinic has professional experience of over 25 years and a team of dental specialists in different branches of dentistry such as orthodontics, periodontics, oral rehabilitation, cosmetic dentistry, endodontics, implant dentistry, and pediatric dentistry, with control quality in all treatments.

We have financing plans and make arrangements for companies and institutions.
Calle Casitagua S8-210, entre Corazon y Cerro Hermoso, (Villaflora) frente al Santa Maria. - Villa Flora - Quito - Ecuador

Clinica Dental Guzmán

Dental Clinic guzman and experienced team for interventions of dental implants, oral surgery and dental esthetics.
Av. Arce 2630 unimed - Murillo - La Paz - Bolivia