Diet coaching in Latin America

We are a company dedicated to bringing health and wellness to family and business level. We brigades of preventive health and took aa companies and our.

Bienestar Integral - AngiExitosa

Bienestar Integral - AngiExitosa We are a company dedicated to bringing health and wellness to family and business level. We brigades of Preventive Health and took aa Companies and our Families Scanner Biocuantico apparatus high technology that analyzes in a complete way your organization qualifies more than 250 areas and count on our advice on healthy lifestyles, product sales nutraceuticals you help Potencializarte
Calle 42 A # 68 A - 29 Apto 201
Barrio San Joaquin, Medellin - Medellín - Antioquia - Colombia

InShape - Clínica de Nutrición

Private Clinic - Nutritional care to adult patients, children and elderly people, healthy or pathology where proper nutrition is part of their treatment. In the field of preventive medicine, clinical nutrition using giving advice to prevent the occurrence of diseases linked to inadequate nutrition. Staffed by MSc. Astrid Sanchez, a nutritionist and a Masters in Nutrition, Food and Metabolism.
Ave. Las Américas 0-15 Zona 9. Edificio Multiprofesional 2do nivel. Frente a Buerger King. Quetzaltenango - Quetzaltenango - Guatemala
Rpte: MSc. Astrid Sánchez

Nutritionists in América Latina
Comprehensive nutritional care. Natalia Ramos nutrition degree. Lose weight and gain health! Bioimpedance elaborate nutritional diagnosis, individualized meal plans, monitoring, treatment of diseases, nutritional consulting. ...

Medical System Fontibón

Medical System Fontibón  
Cra 100 # 23D - 07 Piso 2 - Fontibón - Bogotá - Colombia

Centro de Atención Nutricional

Nutritional Care Center provides services in the city of Riobamba with two qualified in childcare and adult professionals. It is specialty food allergies, diabetes, overweight, obesity, dyslipidemia, nutritional assessments and nutritional advice to companies and / or individuals.
Riobamba - Ecuador
Esmeraldas 25 -24 y España - Chimborazo - Ecuador

Agencia de Mozos Elegance

Av. San Geronimo entre calles fortin 8 y aliuata - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Guía de trabajo y empleos en América Latina -
Encuentra trabajo o personal en América Latina. Anuncios gratuitos con curriculum.

Natural medicine in América Latina
Iriologica health evaluation, aimed at finding the source of disease and define ways that are conducive to normalize the function of the body and eliminate...

Nutrifit Plus

personalized nutritional advice aimed at physically active people, athletes, anyone individual who wishes optimal management of their body weight, vegetarians / vegans, among others.
We work under two modes:
On line: will you provide tools so that you achieve the goals from the comfort of your home or work. Ideal if you live outside of Venezuela. We could arrange a counseling via More...
Asesoría nutricional ON LINE
Presencial En chacao (Consultorio 1 Av. Francisco de Miranda y consultorio 2 a 2 cuadras del centro comercial San Ignacio) - Chacao - Caracas - Venezuela

Nutricion para Todos

Multidisciplinary team of health professionals dedicated entirely to the welfare of the patient and family, all kinds of dietary treatment, planning, spa.
Acceso Sur y Mcal. Lopez - Ñemby - Central - Paraguay

Clinica de Nutricion

Company dedicated to the personal attention califacado personnel in the preparation of plans dierta chord to your situation.
Altamira, de donde fue la vicky 4c al lago.1/2 c arriba, mano izquierda - Managua - Nicaragua

Plastic surgery in América Latina
For your beauty best, over 35 years of experience. ...

Dr. Camilo Comba

Doctor-surgeon. Antienvejecimiento. Aesthetic-cosmetic. Nutrition and obesity. Control of weight and obesity, lipoescultura without surgery (ultrasound), face rejuvenation, wrinkles, furrows, spots, acne, botul?nica toxin, increase of lips and gl?teos, treatment of striae and cellulitis, laser shaving, cosmetic surgery, spots, eyelids and ears, nails, spa, reductivos envelopes, massages, anticelulitico, reafirmante, lymphatic drainage, face cleaning and other techniques of face and corporal rejuvenation.
Alajuela, San Jose, San Ramon - San Ramón - Alajuela - Costa Rica
San Jose
Rpte: Dr. Camilo Comba

Clinica de Nutricion Integral "Arbol de Vida"

Focus on diabetes and kidney.

Personalized care plan, prevention, control and monitoring of chronic diseases. Inpatient specialized nutrition.
16 Av. 0-99 Zona 1
Sanatorio Arbol de Vida
Esquina Calle Cajola, a un costado mercado La Democracia - Quetzaltenango - Guatemala