Family planning in Latin America

Medica center fem is a specialty clinic for women, provides professional medical equipment to meet all kinds of gynecological consultations specialized in legal abortion, contraception and.

Dr. Javier Avila Alvarez Ginecologo en Cholula

12 Poniente 505 letra "E" - Cholula de Rivadabia - Puebla - Mexico

Medica Center Fem

Medica Center Fem Medica Center Fem is a specialty clinic for women, provides professional medical equipment to meet all kinds of gynecological consultations specialized in legal abortion, contraception and family planning

We also offer check pap smears and colposcopy.
Calle Venturina no. 28, Colonia Estrella C.P. 07810 Mexico D.F. - Gustavo A. Madero - Distrito Federal - Mexico

Ginecólogos en los Estados Unidos -
Servicios médicos para mujeres; enfermedades propias de la mujer; Infertilidad; diagnóstico y prevención del cáncer del cuello de la matriz; colposcopía; Papanicolaou; control prenatal; atención...

Reproductive medicine in América Latina
Gynecology and fertility center located north cone which has specialist in reproductive medicine in Spain and Colombia. It andrology laboratory and hormones...

Pablo Teran - Ginecologo Obstetra - Implanon

specializing in obstetrics and gynecology, minimal access surgery, family planning, preconception counseling, prenatal consultation. Pathology of the female genital tract, sexually transmitted infections, HPV, herpes, Implanon, Jadelle, cytology, colposcopy, biopsy, ultrasound, radiosurgery, cryotherapy, delivery, Cesarean.
Centro Medico Loira Piso 12 Consultorio 1207 - El Paraíso - Caracas - Venezuela

Samafer SAS

Fetal and maternal reproductive health SAMAFER SAS is a maternal fetal medicine unit that has the most advanced professional and technological resources for South West Colombian care for women of childbearing age with emphasis on high-risk pregnant women .
carrera 1 b # 3-13 - Pitalito - Huila - Colombia

Consultorio Gineco Obstetrico

Sexual and reproductive health
Free pregnancy tests.
Control of pregnancy, advice and counseling on unintended pregnancy.
Family planning.
Women's diseases.
Early detection of cervical cancer
Pelileo: Calle Padre Chacón y Quis Quis frente al Mercado República de Argentina - Tungurahua - Ecuador

Sonograms in América Latina
Services of gynecological and obstetrical ecography 3D-4D...

Dra. Lorena de Handal

Doctors Obstetrics and Gynecology. Prenatal care, delivery care, cesarean sections, gynecological surgery, family planning, cervical precancerous lesions, colposcopy and cryotherapy neck. Care and adolescents.
Pasaje Dordelly 4438, Colonia Escalón, San Salvador - San Salvador - El Salvador

Dr. Homero Antonio Leony Rodriguez

Medical Clinic specialty: Gynecology - Obstetrics - Infertility.
6a. Avenida 6-63 zon 10, Edificio Sixtino I
3er Nivel, oficina 303. - Guatemala - Guatemala

Dra. Daniela H. Patruno H.

Appointments: Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 4pm,
Enquiry: Monday and Thursday from 7:30 to 4pm, Tuesday 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Ginecólogs pre-natal OB and high risk obstetrical sonograms transvaginal sonograms colposcopy consultation gynecological control family planning menopause Implanon IUD placement (sub dermal implants) Obstetric Ultrasound, evaluation and prolapse surgery, hysterectomy and other surgeries surgical sterilization, breast ultrasound, cytology More...
Av. francisco de Miranda con Calle Elice, edif Centro Peru, Torre A, piso 10, consultorio 108 - Chacao - Caracas - Venezuela

Medical centers in América Latina
We realise ecography general and specialized Doppler color, tridimencional and ecointervencionismo: Ecographies of abdomen, gynecological, obstetrical, intracavitarias, thyroid, mammary ductal, neonatal, musculo-skeletal hip and of...

Clinical analysis laboratories in América Latina
Clinical laboratory ...

Ginoferty Clinica de Medeicina Reprodutiva

A Clinic Reprodução Humana Ginoferty , is located not center da cidade de Cascavel not Oeste do Paraná , and dispoe ampla physics and modern estrutura instalações to meet or casal com dificuldade gestate and ofers além da avaliação do clinical infertile casal , or later tratamento .
rua Minas Gerais, 2554
Cascavel Paraná - Ciudad del Este - Alto Paraná - Paraguay

Consultorio Medico "Genesis"

General medical care, family planning, contraception, pregnancy test quick, placement of injections, serums, sutures, removal of stitches, measurement of glucose and blood pressure.
Laboratory tests Blood smears. (Group discounts)
Computerized analysis Biocuantico great accuracy.
Campaigns discounted seasonally.
Home medical treatment consultations more inclusive
C: 10 de Agosto Nª 8 Zona Los Pozos (%6 de Agosto y av. Uruguay) a 1 duadra del avion Pirata - Andrés Ibáñez - Santa Cruz - Bolivia