Homeopathy in Latin America

Homeopathy service in medical center.

Centro Quiropractico y Rehabilitacion Ortopedica

Chiropractic Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Centre, S.A. Dr. David P Tyggum
doctor of chiropractic from 1998 to date - Guatemala City.
PhD "summa cum laude" chiropractor, degree orthopedics and physiotherapy, sports injuries, Decompression lumbar pain lumbago, physiotherapy, muscle spasm, chiropractic adjustments, nutrition, low weight arthritis exercises, pediatrics, massage, aromatherapy, homeopathy.
10 calle 2-45 zona 14 Clínicas Medica De las Américas nivel 10 of 1004 - Guatemala - Guatemala

Natural medicine in América Latina
yoga classes stretching postural correction relaxation Thursday 10:30 am ...

Centro Espiritual Caminos de Luz en Samayac

spiritual healing energy
Chaman and Mayan priest
Esiritista and teacher esoterico
spiritual assistance in the field of health and prosperity love
Call and consultation
spiritual table
Santeria and indigenous Maya
Zona 3 Quetzaltenango
Solola - Quetzaltenango - Guatemala

Clinica de Homeopatia e Iridologia

relaxing massage, holistic massage, sports massage, baby massage, pregnancy massage, chiropractic, dry brushing, Shiatzu.
Boulevard San Cristobal, Centro Comercial El Dorado, Local 30 Segundo Nivel Interior Biomédica - Mixco - Guatemala - Guatemala

Naturópata Licenciado Ángel R. Barreiro NL

Naturópata Licenciado Ángel R. Barreiro NL Licensed naturopath with over 20 years experience in the practice of naturopathy clinic in Puerto Rico.
Calle Padial #73 Caguas, Puerto Rico 00725 - Caguas - Puerto Rico

Acupuncture in América Latina
Natural treatments performed by qualified medical specialists in European Biological Medicine....

Climehome. Clínica médica Homeopática

Services natural homeopathic medicine sales Heel of the German line.
Lomas del guijarro, edificio Torre Alpha 4to piso, 4A. - Tegucigalpa - Francisco Morazán - Honduras

Dr. Mauricio Leiva Agüero

- Medicine doctor.

- Master's degree in Homeopathy.
Centro Médico Homeopático de Cartago.
Clínica Leiva, avenida 6ª, calle 13. - Cartago - Costa Rica


Dr Ricardo Rojas, classical homeopath doctor, graduated from the uba, with specialization are homeopathic medical school in Argentina, founded by internationally renowned Dr. Paschero.
Hipolito Yrigoyen 1994, PB 4. Congreso. Capital Federal - Balvanera - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Reflexo therapeutics in América Latina
Holistic integrative medicine Reflexoterapia.- Holistica.- complementary medicine has to do with points located in the body bioenergetic lamados chakaras energy fields that are unlocked...

Natural products in América Latina
Want to be a distributor of the first   Healthy World Coffee and other products with natural extracts of Ganoderma   - Hot...

Farmacia Sevilla

Farmacia Sevilla The pharmacy in mendoza with better customized attention. In Seville pharmacy we counted on pharmacy products, perfume shop and are specialistic in customized prescriptions.
San Martín 1450 - Capital - Mendoza - Argentina

Dispromerhs SAS

It is a company that manages a natural product called uprone, is an adjuvant that activates specific metabolic and strengthens the immune system.
- Barranquilla - Atlántico - Colombia