Homeopathy in Latin America

Homeopathy service in medical center.

Clinica de Homeopatia e Iridologia

relaxing massage, holistic massage, sports massage, baby massage, pregnancy massage, chiropractic, dry brushing, Shiatzu.
Boulevard San Cristobal, Centro Comercial El Dorado, Local 30 Segundo Nivel Interior Biomédica - Mixco - Guatemala - Guatemala

Natural medicine in América Latina
Center specializing in natural therapies: colon hydrotherapy, naturopathy, homeopathy, Bach flowers, herbal medicine, nutrition, diet, skin conditions from (psoriasis, dermatitis) analis hair and hair treatments....

Acupuncture in América Latina
Doctor Juan Carlos Diaz Palace Physician and surgeon: Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellín, Colombia Hypnosis Colombia Hypnosis Medellin Acupuncture Colombia Acupuncture Medellin Auriculotherapy Traditional Chinese Medicine ...

Medical System Fontibón

Medical System Fontibón  
Cra 100 # 23D - 07 Piso 2 - Fontibón - Bogotá - Colombia

Quiropráctica Berna Blanco

Effective method for the treatment of Parkinson's column, jaw, depression, brought from USA.
The clinic is staffed by chiropractic Bern Blanco. Hours: Monday to Saturday from 9.00am. to 9.00p.m. Thank you.
Calle los Olivos 204 Dpto. 31 San Isidro. - Lima - Peru

Consultorio de Medicina Integral

It takes care of a consultation free of charge to help to solve problems of health, chronic and resistant to the convencvional medicine.
Calle Victor velezmoro 633 - San Borja - Lima - Peru

Natural products in América Latina
Catalina's Collection is a Costa Rican brand catalog sales of a line of products with natural ingredients, vitamins and emollients to help prevent premature aging...

Centro Medicina Natural y Antienvejecimiento

Centro Medicina Natural y Antienvejecimiento The low level laser can penetrate the skin surface to accelerate hair growth and thickening of hair in the treated without heating effect, no damage to the skin and no negative side effects areas. a visible and monochrome laser of a particular wavelength which produces a temporary increase in blood flow of skin is crucial to promote healthy hair follicle More...
Avda. Juan Carlos I, nº 29, portal 5, 2ºB - Estepona - Málaga - Spain

Imsamed Centro Médico

If you want to opt for an alternative to traditional medicine Imsamed visit a medical center that has about 30 years old and was the highest crle precepts to heal, soothe and advise their patients. The center works using homeopathic methods and looks after the welfare of the people who are unbalanced in some way. in imsamed, now is a More...
Imsamed La Mariscal: Mercadillo007 y Páez
Imsamed El Labrador: Retamas y Pablo Casals - Santa Prisca - Quito - Ecuador
Rpte: Dr. Ider Salgado

Curantur Farmacia Homeopática - Laboratorio

Pharmacy and laboratory develops homeopathic medicines unicist (under strict technical Hahnemann), complex and compounding in decimal scales, grads, and LM.
Calle 180 No. 11-20 Local 18 Piso 1 - Usaquén - Bogotá - Colombia

Chiropractics in América Latina
Effective method for the treatment of Parkinson's column, jaw, depression, brought from USA. The clinic is staffed by chiropractic Bern Blanco. Hours: Monday to Saturday...

Psychotherapy in América Latina
Clinic founded in 1976 we have professional psychologists, psychiatrists, speech therapists, psychomotor therapists, psychologists and specialist teachers. Our work is based on...


We sell natural products, we offer:
relaxing massage, slimming massage, sauna, body exfoliation, lymphatic drainage
Bo. el Centro 3 calle 6 y 7 ave esquina opuesta a Mendel´s - San Pedro Sula - Cortés - Honduras

Sinchi Runa

Sinchi Runa Consciousness Technology Cente / Focused on research of consciousness and therapeutic treatment using entheogens.
- Livingston - Izabal - Guatemala
Rpte: Guillermo Guillen