Medical material in Latin America

Medipack dedicated to providing professionals of material health of disposable products of excellent quality.

Medipack C.A

Medipack dedicated to providing professionals of material health of disposable products of excellent quality.
Av Lisandro Alvarado - La Guacamaya - Valencia - Carabobo - Venezuela

Gery Representaciones EIRL

From the beginnings of our activities we are direct and representing importers of line of products of high quality and with recognition in the world-wide market. import - distribution - promoci?nreactivos for diagnosis cl?nicoEquipos and material (dismissable, glass) for all type of laboratorio.bioqu?mica - electrophoresis (helena lab.) - groups sanguineous-Ag. febrile-rpr.sueros quality control for infectious diseases (seracare) autoimmunity ifa (scimedx) More...
Jr. Belisario Flores 527 - 535 Lince - Lima - Peru

Medical products in América Latina
Distr of prod.biom?dicos of discharge tecnol....

Medical equipment: sales in América Latina
Manufacture of laminar flow chambers vertical and horizontal, biological safety cabinets, gas extraction cameras, clots to tvc culture media, mixing plants. ...

Implantes Progen C.A.

- Boxes interbody

- Cervical Plate

- Lumbar Fixings

- Transpedicular screw systems

- Micro mini fragments

- Leggings

- Plates LCP, DCP, DHS, DCS, anatomic, distal, proximal

- Locked Nails

- Fasteners (tutors)

- Bone cements

- Bone grafts

- Screws

- Prostheses
Venezuela, Chacaito. Edf. Centro Solano.

Empregel- Tecnologia en Gel Polimero

Empregel- Tecnologia en Gel Polimero We offer training and information so that units, can produce in-house polymer gel products: products such as orthopedic, podiatric, (eg, toe separators, bunion shield pads, claw or hammer toe, metatarsal pads and strips, rings, sleeves or finger cots, pipe cutouts.) insoles, heel cushions, clothing, masks and other supplies for burn victims, plates for pressure sores, socks and other products for More...
- Buenos Aires - Argentina


Dedicated to the marketing and distribution of laboratory glass - stainless steel - acrylic - disposable cleaning materials and biosecurity, medical instruments, accessories and office, warehouse, hospital clinical laboratory and general purposes.
Calle Martir Olaya Nº 199 EL Agustino - El Agustino - Lima - Peru

Medical equipment in América Latina
Company dedicated to the supply and installations of medical gas SYSTEMS, modular sitema intence therapy, manifold, compressors medical degree, Bedridden consoles, computers and curtains antibacterial...

Mols Distribuciones

We are importers and distributors of the best brands of silicone ear protection anatomical and audiological impressions. Day after day, we offer the best service, price and accuracy of quantities for the development of their activities.

Egger - flex S-PRO
Egger A
- Medellín - Antioquia - Colombia


Company dedicated to the distribution of medicines, medical supplies, surgical equipment, etc.
Quito Sector Norte Mariana de Jesús. - Belisario Quevedo - Quito - Ecuador

Lifesa Medical

We are distributors of medical and hospital supplies.
Olmedo y Napoleón Mera - Machala - El Oro - Ecuador

Orthopedics in América Latina
Importer and distributor of medical and assistive technologies, offers a full line of home health. ...


SSICEN provides surgical and hospital clothing. we have teams of washable clothes (fields, bathrobes, dressing gowns qx, sheets, pillowcases, protective) equipment disposable clothing, bags for sterilization, healing items and kits
Rio Bravo 1021 - León - Guanajuato - Mexico

Corporación Ninazu, S. de R.L.

Company dedicated to the commercialization of medical equipment, surgical equipment, drugs, supplies, implements and medical accessories, furniture equipping hospitals and clinics, rehabilitation devices, respiratory, orthopedic, gynecological, pediatric, and any other lawful activity related trade according to the purpose of the enterprise, commercial representations of medical and drug houses, national and international.
- El Progreso - Yoro - Honduras