Neurologists in Latin America

Clinic neurosciences specialist in neurology and internal medicine university of santiago de compostela, spain salpentiere hospital, france costa rica university .

Consultorio de Ciencias Neurológicas

Clinic Neurosciences
Specialist in Neurology and Internal Medicine
University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Salpentiere Hospital, France
Costa Rica university
Pérez Zelédón, 250 metros Este del Banco Nacional de Palmares.
San José, Costa Rica - Pérez Zeledón - San José - Costa Rica

Dr. Bolívar F. Quito Betancourt

Pediatrician - Neuropaediatrician
Child neurophysiology: EEG, Video - EEG - evoked potentials
Miguel Cordero 6-140
Avenida Solano - Cuenca - Azuay - Ecuador

Doctors in América Latina
Medical internist endocrinologist, children, adolescents and adults, hypertension diabetes, thyroid, cardiovascular, and central endocrinologica preoperative evaluation, diseases of the elderly, osteoporosis, menopause, infertility, polycystic ovaries,...

Neuropsicología Integra

Neurorehabilitation center Integra specializes in assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of brain damage and other neurological and psychological disorders.
#73 Calle Santa Cruz
Edificio Santa Cruz Ste. 208
(Frente al Hospital San Pablo) - Bayamón - Puerto Rico

Terapias Integrales

early stimulation to children with disabilities and psychomotor retardation, speech therapy, physiotherapy relaxing anti-stress, neurological, traumatologica are equipped with latest technology equipment home price is reasonable.
Riobamba Barrio la Joya - Chimborazo - Ecuador

Neurocirujano / Cirujano de Columna

Neurosurgeon / Spine Surgeon
Teaching Medical Center Paradise
Maracaibo - Zulia centro médico docente paraíso piso 3 - Zulia - Venezuela
Rpte: Dr. Douglas A Molina Torres

Rehabilitation centers in América Latina
Give a quality rehab program that promotes uniform and standardized patient-friendly and sustainable results in their reintegration into society. ...


Neuromedicenter Neurological center of the elderly, specialized in Alzheimer's.

We have attention in diagnosis, treatment and day center.

Attention in several medical specialties and related: neurology, neuropsychology, geriatrics, psychology, psychiatry, nutrition, physical therapy, among others.
Gonzalo Noriega N39-174. El Batán. Quito - Ecuador - Iñaquito - Quito - Ecuador
María Angélica Hidrobo Oe3-86. Cumbayá

Clínica Privada

Specialist clinical neurology, studies in Mexico DF, certified by the Mexican Council of neurology.
Frente a Floristeria San Judas Tadeo. - Chichigalpa - Chinandega - Nicaragua

Implantes IGP c.a.

We have a group of engineers and medical professionals with extensive experience in the manufacture or processing of implants for craniotomy to measure, in record time, titanium, methyl, among others. We also have Neurosurgery: cervical, lumbar, thoracic boxes, also in pedicle screws, plates, etc.

PGI has the business mission: to design, manufacture and market bone implants with international quality at competitive More...
- El Recreo - Caracas - Venezuela

Cancer treatment in América Latina
It is a company that manages a natural product called uprone, is an adjuvant that activates specific metabolic and strengthens the immune system....

Unidad de terapia del dolor y ozonoterpia.

Unidad de terapia del dolor y ozonoterpia. Pain therapy unit and provides ozone treatment of chronic cancer pain and conventional and alternative methods as well as in the use of ozone for treating a herniated disc as an alternative to surgery method.

What we try?
Migraine or headache.
Back pain, waist or neck.
Pain herniated nucleus pulposus.
Pain from arthritis or osteoarthritis: knee pain, shoulder and hip.
Pain following spinal surgery or trauma.
Postural More...
San Isidro. Torre de consultorios de la Clínica El Golf. Av. Miro Quesada 1048. Consultorio 301. - Lima - Peru
San Borja. Clínica Cabani. Av. Guardia Civil 627.

Clínica de Terapia Física y Terapias Alternativa

Treatment for musculoskeletal , neurological, spinal injuries , stress , chronic sequelae of injuries and degenerative diseases .
Thumbnail Kinesio Taping ( tapin ) .

Decreased expansion wrinkles and lines .
Tikal Futura, Villanueva, Amatitlán y Sanarate - Villa Nueva - Guatemala - Guatemala