Nutritionists in Latin America

Nutritionist in office or home vegetarian / vegan diets weight control hypertension, cholesterol and / or triglycerides, diabetes, etc.

Lic. en Nutrición Stefanie Heguy

Lic. en Nutrición Stefanie Heguy Nutritionist in office or home

vegetarian / vegan diets
Weight control
Hypertension, cholesterol and / or triglycerides, diabetes, etc.
balanced diet for children, adolescents and pregnant women.

The query includes a complete nutritional assessment to calculate body mass index, muscle%,% fat mass, visceral fat level and metabolic age.

plans and personalized balanced diet, based on patient needs, respecting their habits and preferences are made. These include More...
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Nutrifit Plus

personalized nutritional advice aimed at physically active people, athletes, anyone individual who wishes optimal management of their body weight, vegetarians / vegans, among others.
We work under two modes:
On line: will you provide tools so that you achieve the goals from the comfort of your home or work. Ideal if you live outside of Venezuela. We could arrange a counseling via More...
Asesoría nutricional ON LINE
Presencial En chacao (Consultorio 1 Av. Francisco de Miranda y consultorio 2 a 2 cuadras del centro comercial San Ignacio) - Chacao - Caracas - Venezuela

Diet coaching in América Latina
Nutrition Club Healthy World is a site q combines several activities for the welfare and health through nutrition and physical activity ...

Get In Line

Get In Line - Nutritionists in Guatemala is a slimming center focused on nutritional coaching. Nutritional coaching is the focus on the patient and their own strengths. This approach aims and goals of body composition are achieved by a process that helps achieve permanent changes in habits integrating mental health with physical health.
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Clínica de Nutrición Integral de Occidente

nutritional services. Weightloss. Diet metabolic diseases. Sport Nutrition. enteral and parenteral nutrition.
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Marjorie Morales Bazurto


The main services that the ACB has Filial Cochabamba are:
- Driving school
- Unit towing and mechanical help
- Unit fuels
- Washing unit and vehicle maintenance
- Tourism Unit road
- Cabañas Villa Tunari
Pediatric endocrinologist.
Treats children and adolescents (0-18 years) with impaired growth and puberty, thyroid-related problems, micropenis, cryptorchidism, ambiguous genitalia, pituitary tumors.
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Natural medicine in América Latina
Yoga Center....

Preventive medicine in América Latina
We are dedicated to the sale and distribution of oxygen drops SynergyO2 is a nutrient and cellular oxygenator. ...

Pronut Asesoría Nutricional

Pronut Asesoría Nutricional Nutritional counseling.
1. Talks, health fairs and nutritional development workshops to the public.
2. Consultation and development of nutritional meal plans for:
- Children, adolescents, adults, seniors.
- Women in gestation and lactation.
- Ablactation.
- Athletes.
- Vegetarians and vegans.
3. Practice and diet therapy clinic for:
- Pathologies (diseases) of the upper gastrointestinal tract and under: hiatal hernia, acute and chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer, gastrectomy, cholelithiasis, celiac More...
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Licenciada en Nutricion

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Sport Nutrition

A Colombian company with over 15 years experience in the field of sports supplements and sports nutrition. Our experience , reliability and professionalism , in addition to the efficiency and quality of our supplements , makes us now the company 's most prestigious sports supplements Colombia .
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Doctors in América Latina
Specialist clinical neurology, studies in Mexico DF, certified by the Mexican Council of neurology. ...

Natural products in América Latina
Our mission is to help people look and feel great girders of our traditional products our company is the only one in the world with...

Clinica de Nutricion

Company dedicated to the personal attention califacado personnel in the preparation of plans dierta chord to your situation.
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Consultorio Nutricional Nutriyachay

Our nutrition center helps improve your eating habits and your family for that we have qualified nutritionists that will teach in a didactic way the principles of good nutrition as well as provide you a personalized diet plan based on your diagnosis anthropometric, biochemical, eating habits and body analysis.

Programs: lose weight with health, child nutrition, sports nutrition, nutrition in pregnancy, More...
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