Osteopathy in Latin America

Osteopath qualified in the canary islands, with 19 years of experience and own practice. Formation of 4 years in the original plan of the us / european osteopathy.

Osteopatía en las Sierras D.O. Hugo Ramón Suáre

Osteopath qualified in the Canary Islands, with 19 years of experience and own practice. Formation of 4 years in the original plan of the US / European osteopathy. Application of therapeutic massage, visceral and cranio-sacral osteopathy, only deep work in Argentina. Katapateo - the only therapy feet, no one else applied in Argentina. ideal combination with osteopathy. The sessions last More...
Campo Camino Rojo
Camino a San Marcos Sierra km 4 (desde Charbonier)
5184 Capilla del Monte - Punilla - Córdoba - Argentina

Consultorio Ergofisa.

Consultorio Ergofisa. We are a clinic that performs comprehensive physiotherapy and osteopathy treatments on your own.
Rivera 2392 (Montevideo) - Calle García Arocena M36. S27 (Lagomar) - Centro - Montevideo - Uruguay

Physical therapy in América Latina
Clinical massages and physiotherapy for spinal problems relaxing, cervical, dorsal, lumbar, stiff neck, bursitis, sciatica, sinusitis, facial, sprains, cellulite, varicose veins, recovery and fractures. ...

Chiropractics in América Latina
Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the effects that these disorders in nervous system function and general health. ...


Center osteopathy, massage and beauty treatments in archidona, Malaga.
C/Carrera, 27 bajo - Archidona - Málaga - Spain

Consultorio Osteoparque

Consultório of osteopathy, natural medicine, manipulation treatments, acupuncture, open Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 21:00 hours. Treatment post-traumatic rehabilitation handling etc ...
Calle Rambla esq con Calle M Parque del plata - Canelones - Uruguay

Centro Quiropractico Sanar Punto Verde

Chiropractic Osteopathy is a discipline of scientific art of healing that deals with the pathogenesis, diagnosis, therapy and prophylaxis of functional disturbances and pain syndrome and other disorders related neurophysiological effects static dynamic locomotor system in particular column spine and pelvis by stimulating the ability fisioreguladora immunological processes and self-healing of the human body pathology and to treat all ailments More...
san jose 193 san bernardo ahumada 312 ofi.719 santiago centro - San Bernardo - Santiago - Chile

Natural medicine in América Latina
Flower Therapy for children and babies, recommended by the World Health Organization WHO. Health Coaching and personal development. Integrative Medicine, analysis and diagnostics bioelectrography. Full...

El Rinconcito Sanador Spa, C.A.

El Rinconcito Sanador Spa, C.A. Alternative therapy center dedicated to comprehensive health care, where we offer natural noninvasive techniques.
Av. Casanova con 2da. calle de Bello Monte, Edf. La Paz, Piso 7, Ofic. 71 - El Recreo - Caracas - Venezuela

Centro de Ostepatia Equilibrio Cuerpo y Mente

Some of the diseases that tratala osteopathy are:
- Vertebral atrocis colunmna
- Herniated discs, sciatica
- Tingling arms
- Dizziness and vertigo
- Joint pain in the hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, etc.
- Visceral addiction problems: digestive, respiratory, renal, etc.
- Cranial problems Posttraumatic
- Depression, pain cabaza, insomnia
Shifts and cosultasse attend telephonically.
Florida 1725 San Rafael Mendoza - Mendoza - Argentina

Centro de Osteopatía y Terapias Complementarias

Our center offers professional osteopathy therapy European training, alternating acupuncture, laser puncture, flexion distraction treatment for back health and overall neck, jaw, hips disfunsión of "iliac" pubalgia, migraines, short legs , scoliosis, asthma, epilepsy, disfunsión skull, premature aging, stress and more.
Ciudad de Panamá, nuevo reparto el Carmen, Edificio Acuario planta baja - Panamá - Panama

Acupuncture in América Latina
We are the only dental clinic that treats patients who had dental trauma. ...


Hidalgo Pte.# 198 Col. Centro - Zapotlanejo - Jalisco - Mexico

Unidad de fisioterapia y osteopatia Salud vital

Specialists in physical and osteopathy.
Calle 8, barrio obrero, casa 20-58. Viaducto nuevo - San Cristóbal - Táchira - Venezuela