Osteopathy in Latin America

Center osteopathy, massage and beauty treatments in archidona, malaga.


Center osteopathy, massage and beauty treatments in archidona, Malaga.
C/Carrera, 27 bajo - Archidona - Málaga - Spain

Centro de Ostepatia Equilibrio Cuerpo y Mente

Some of the diseases that tratala osteopathy are:
- Vertebral atrocis colunmna
- Herniated discs, sciatica
- Tingling arms
- Dizziness and vertigo
- Joint pain in the hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, etc.
- Visceral addiction problems: digestive, respiratory, renal, etc.
- Cranial problems Posttraumatic
- Depression, pain cabaza, insomnia
Shifts and cosultasse attend telephonically.
Florida 1725 San Rafael Mendoza - Mendoza - Argentina

Physical therapy in América Latina
Physiotherapy and occupational therapy consultation and address. Over 15 years of professional experience. Get informed without obligation ...

Acupuntura en Curuzú Cuatiá Ctes

Nutrción and alternative treatments like acupuncture and osteopathy.
Caá Guazú 728 - Curuzú Cuatiá - Corrientes - Argentina

El Rinconcito Sanador Spa, C.A.

El Rinconcito Sanador Spa, C.A. Alternative therapy center dedicated to comprehensive health care, where we offer natural noninvasive techniques.
Av. Casanova con 2da. calle de Bello Monte, Edf. La Paz, Piso 7, Ofic. 71 - El Recreo - Caracas - Venezuela

Consultorio Ergofisa.

Consultorio Ergofisa. We are a clinic that performs comprehensive physiotherapy and osteopathy treatments on your own.
Rivera 2392 (Montevideo) - Calle García Arocena M36. S27 (Lagomar) - Centro - Montevideo - Uruguay

Quiropráctico en los Estados Unidos - AmarillasEstadosUnidos.com
Profesional quiromasajista de Shiatsu, trae de Europa tanto tecnicas orientales como occidentales para ofrecer una mejor calidad de vida. Se busca encontrar soluciones sanas en...

Natural medicine in América Latina
Diagnosis and Treatment, Medical Biomagnetism, Magnet. Biomagnetic Pair. Therapeutic technique to diagnose and cure a number of diseases. In practice, the magnetism shows...

Unidad de fisioterapia y osteopatia Salud vital

Specialists in physical and osteopathy.
Calle 8, barrio obrero, casa 20-58. Viaducto nuevo - San Cristóbal - Táchira - Venezuela

Pura Vida Salud

Physiotherapy center, with professionals trained in manual therapy, osteopathy, manual lymphatic drainage.
Calle Fray Tomas 1192, casi Av. Ramon Rivero - Cercado - Cochabamba - Bolivia

Clinica Quiropractica Thomsen

Clinica Quiropractica Thomsen Thomsen Chiropractic Clinic is installed in Córdoba, with over twenty five years experience. From the first day to the last, it is remarkable the level of care that is provided to patients.

The main function is to ensure that patients can fully enjoy your health, naturally. That they are proporcina a friendly atmosphere and an effective treatment.
Av Gran Via Parque 16 - Córdoba - Spain

Acupuntura en los Estados Unidos - AmarillasEstadosUnidos.com
Acupuntura medica Especialidad en diabetes...

Centro Medico para Artrosis, "cemde"

Centro Medico para Artrosis, "cemde" Relief and cure for cervical arthritis, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, early osteoarthritis of the hip, knee osteoarthritis and other chronic sports injuries. Manipulations, trofoterapia, electroacupuncture biofeedback electrobiofrecuencias and total.
calle Trojes Yan S-820, entre Maica Norte y los Barrios Uyuni y Amig, zona Autoventa - Cercado - Cochabamba - Bolivia
Rpte: Dr. Jose Demetrio Villegas C.

Centro de Quiropraxia del Uruguay

Centro de Quiropraxia del Uruguay Chiropractic Center of Uruguay, dedicated to teaching and patient care with alternative medicine chiropractic and especially China, chiropractors and physical therapists led by trained abroad.
Avda. 8de Octubre 2355. Consultorio 503. Edificio Torre del Congreso. - Cordón - Montevideo - Uruguay