Pedagogues in Latin America

Care for children and adolescents with autism and developmental disorders. Aba therapy approach. Stimulation of language, speech therapy, psychology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, behavioral counseling, academic,.

Fundación Psicoeducativa Cojedes

Care for children and adolescents with autism and developmental disorders. Aba therapy approach. stimulation of language, speech therapy, psychology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, behavioral counseling, academic, social and autonomy.
Urb. Aeropuerto, Sector 1, Calle 2, Local 82-24-B - San Carlos de Austria - Cojedes - Venezuela

Atención Psicológica

psychological and educational attention.

Assessment and intervention in learning difficulties.

Guidance on conduct disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity without.

Guidance and support in disorders in language development.

Neurological stimulation program Neuronet
Curacao 2 y 1/2 cuadras al Este, Masaya - Masaya - Nicaragua
Rpte: Lic. Valeria Damiani

Psychologists in América Latina
Psychological evaluation and comprehensive psychotherapy to children, adolescents and adults, parental guidance and couples treatment decreased anxiety problems of addiction and dependency, learning difficulties, career...

Centro de Atención Especializado en Psicopedagogi

Attention in educational psychology, evaluation and application of therapy in attention deficit disorders (ADHD), autism, learning difficulties, habits of studies, mathematical logical reasoning, behavior guidance to parents, children, and family representatives.
Av Luis del Valle Garcia. Edif Pro-ariños. 2do piso- ofic 212. encima del banco de Venezuela. Sector las Avenidas. - Maturín - Monagas - Venezuela

Centro Terapeutico Integral "Palabras"

Centre intended to assess, diagnose and treat problems of language, speech, hearing, speech, nutrition, early stimulation and sensory development and learning disorders.
Calle Yanuncay y Tarqui a 200 metros de la comisión de transito (cerca al Paseo Shoping) - Zaracay - Santo Domingo - Ecuador

Orientación de la Conducta y Psicopedagogia

Behavioral and family counseling.
Children, adolescents and adults.
Care and psychoeducational assessment in mental retardation and learning difficulties.
Poor school performance.
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
AC bilateral neurostimulation technique to treat trauma.
Life Proyect
Personal empowerment.
School workshops for parents.
Chacaito Final Ave. Ppal. El Bosque, , Edificio Royal Palace, piso 01, oficina 101. Referencia Al lado de la tienda El Principito, salida del metro que da hacia el Bosque. - El Recreo - Caracas - Venezuela

Psychotherapy in América Latina
A place where you can talk and say what they want, because they always work !! ...

Psychotherapists in América Latina
The foundation is walking towards the light provides professional services to people with the problem of addiction, behavioral disturbances, alcoholism, and associated behaviors. Addresses globally,...

LudiKids - Fisioterapia y Desarrollo Infantil

LudiKids - Fisioterapia y Desarrollo Infantil We are a specialized physiotherapy center for children and early learning.
We offer services in physical therapy, speech therapy, infant massage, prenatal massage and exercises and school tutoring.

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En la entrada principal a Heredia, del Complejo Deportivo La Fosforera, 200 metros oeste y 50 metros norte - Heredia - Costa Rica


Evaluation and psychology attention to children and adolescents with functional diversity, attention deficit and learning difficulties
CEPREMED Los Tques, final calle Guaicaipuro CC. Punta Brava local1 - Miranda - Venezuela


CAPPI Educa Psychological Counselling Center and Comprehensive Care.
Psychology, counseling, skills, timely stimulation, tutoring, nutrition counseling and psychometric evaluations.
6av 20-25 zona 10 Edificio Plaza Marítima of 9-05 - Guatemala - Guatemala

Special schools in América Latina
We give comprehensive care to adult children and youth in the areas: educational psychology, psychology, occupational therapy and speech therapy ...

Physical therapy in América Latina
Kinesiology and physiotherapy center has a multidisciplinary team ...

Psicólogo Clínico

Psychotherapy children, adolescents and adults. Marriage counseling, grief therapy, stress, mental examination, permission to leave minors. (By appointment)
Clínica las Mercedes, bajando por el Banco Mercantil. - Guanare - Portuguesa - Venezuela

Psicólogo Clínico...Terapeuta

Therapy: individual, couple, learning disability.
- Ypacaraí - Central - Paraguay