Pediatricians in Latin America

Over 25 years in private practice. Specialists in sta catarina and southern muguerza crhistus partners.

Centro Medico Pediatrico

Over 25 years in private practice. specialists in Sta Catarina and southern Muguerza crhistus partners.
Av. Cuauhtemoc num 119, col. residencial cuauhtemoc. - Santa Catarina - Nuevo León - Mexico

Dr. Bolívar F. Quito Betancourt

Pediatrician - Neuropaediatrician
Child neurophysiology: EEG, Video - EEG - evoked potentials
Miguel Cordero 6-140
Avenida Solano - Cuenca - Azuay - Ecuador

Doctors in América Latina
Phlebology angiology and vascular surgery. ...

Clinics and hospitals in América Latina
Rental and sales of medical oxygen bottles at home the 24 hours. ...

Pediatra Nefrólogo y Médico Ocupacional

Avenida Urdaneta, al lado de la Clínica Mérida Centro Profesional Norem piso 1
Santa Bárbara del Zulia - Colón - Zulia - Venezuela

Dra. Yanira Ramos

Specialist in Pediatrics, reception newborn care diseases in newborns, infants, school children and adolescents. Control of development and growth to adolescence. Vaccines. Fogs. Emergencies. Attention Monday to Saturday.
Córdova y Pedro Gual, frente a City Plaza, (altos de farmacia Cruz Azul, 1er. piso). - Portoviejo - Manabí - Ecuador


It puts to the service of the Loja´s community, the services of paediatrics and neonatology based on evidence, which assures to place in the high level the sensitivity and the rights of the newborn, toddler, child and adolescent, with the object of applying the evidence like right methodology of and effective diagnosis, which assures a right and effective treatment.
Rocafuerte 15-22 entre Sucre y 18 de Noviembre. Loja-Ecuador - Loja - Ecuador

Allergy and immunology in América Latina
Our institute is dedicated to the study and treatment of allergic diseases such as asthma, rhinitis, sinusitis in children and adults, primary immunodeficiency, secondary HIV...

Medical centers in América Latina
Medical consultation Fitness, quality health Puente Alto. We have doctors in the areas of general medicine, internal medicine, ENT laryngology, pediatrics, psychiatry, cardiology, geriatrics,...

Equilibrio Pleno

Equilibrio Pleno Flower Therapy for children and babies, recommended by the World Health Organization WHO. Health Coaching and personal development. Integrative Medicine, analysis and diagnostics bioelectrography.
Full balance is a proposed integrative approach innovated applications that facilitate personal development and health cure.
Calle Padre Ceferino Musani n55 casi esquina Av. Cristo Redentor( entre segundo y tercer anillo) - Andrés Ibáñez - Santa Cruz - Bolivia

Nisim Pediátrica

Professional medical services for children from birth to age 20. Newborn care before and after delivery , control growth and development, sick child. Attended by Dr. Julio Cesar Cardona Matta, medical specialist in children and adolescents .
4 Calle 3-10, Zona 1, Centro Comercial Carisa, Local 12 (Segundo Nivel) - Escuintla - Guatemala

Terapias Integrales

early stimulation to children with disabilities and psychomotor retardation, speech therapy, physiotherapy relaxing anti-stress, neurological, traumatologica are equipped with latest technology equipment home price is reasonable.
Riobamba Barrio la Joya - Chimborazo - Ecuador

Preventive medicine in América Latina
We are a growing company and we want to add our client base more efficient work pace that is why we need developers to expand...

Centro Pediátrico Kidoz

Centro Pediátrico Kidoz We are a medical center dedicated exclusively to the care of children and adolescents.
Created by parents for parents, and our main goal is to meet all requirements concerning health in one place and comprehensively.
1.3 km al norte de la Embajada Americana, Rohrmoser, San José. - San José - Costa Rica

Parada Medica. Drs. Oscar Parada

Pediatric Doctor. Specialized care of children from birth.
Edificio Escorial. Av. Arce esquina Cordero piso 1 oficina 103. - Murillo - La Paz - Bolivia