Pharmaceuticals in Latin America

Farmaceutical makes masterful preparations.


Farmaceutical makes masterful preparations. Natural. Chemical treatment of diabetic foot, varicose ulcers with excellent results.
Colorada 5 todo anillo - Andrés Ibáñez - Santa Cruz - Bolivia

Comercializadora La Confianza

We are a company dedicated to the import and sale of periodic replacement hydrophilic. With the line of cotton, gauze, bandages, gloves, masks and more.
Tope sur Rot. Bello horizonte 2 y 1/2 al sur 1/2 al sur este Managua.
Barrio 1ro de Mayo - Managua - Nicaragua

Pharmacies in América Latina
Pharmaceutical establishments, sale of medicines. ...


Distribution , sales and medical services.
Carrera 54 # 47-07 Sur - Tunjuelito - Bogotá - Colombia

Botica Camila

Botica Camila located in urb. sta. maria street victor fajardo 295 v step sta. mary, we have domestic and imported drugs , virtual charges , among other gifts , injectable apply , take blood pressure , pregnancy dx , among others.
Jr. Victor Fajardo 295 - Trujillo - Peru

U.S. Pharmacy Group

U.S. Pharmacy Group Distribution and exclusive representation for Central America, Caribbean and the pacific south of polymeric gel products " Dr. lenox". products and materials of podologico, orthopaedic and medicinal use divided in 2 groups: - orthopaedic the podologica line/, destined mainly to the care of the foot and reduction of the plantar impact. - hospitable line, of use in rehabilitation of scars, More...
Av.Centenario N° 31, Costa del Este. - Panamá - Panama

Pharmaceutical laboratories in América Latina
Manufacture of hospitable medical material. Manufacture of chambers and consumptions for sterilization with oxide ethylene...

in América Latina
National and imported medicines, perfume shop, measurement of pressure, diagnosis of the pregnancy, delivery....

Clinica del Pie

francisco rosas 160 huacho - Huacho (centro) - Lima - Peru

Melagenina Plus

Melagenina plus is a product capable of achieving reversal of severe cases of vitiligo because it potentiates the intensity and duration of the stimulating effect of skin pigmentation, typical of the adicionarle melagenina calcium, essential as an activator of the processes of cell reproduction and synthesis melanin.
- San Salvador - El Salvador


AGUALEY is engaged in producing and selling distilled water, demineralized, deionized chemically pure.
Special for Industry, refrigerants, and other processes Laboratoios economic activity. Bulk packaging.
Av. Lo Ovalle 196 -B - La Granja - Santiago - Chile
Rpte: Leyla Mocárquer E.

Medical equipment in América Latina
Importer and reactive distributor of medical material of laboratory, material delaboratorio, medical, dental instruments, disposable clothes, moving doctor and equipment....

Medical equipment maintenance in América Latina
Company dedicated to preventive and corrective maintenance of surgical medical instruments. cleaning of surgical steel, adjustment and alignment grinding and polishing of surgical steel. ...

Farquibot John

Esteemed gentlemen representative house importers, droguerias medical and surgical equipment preseno I John Villarroel have the agent sales representation company Polymers Medical Company Limited (the "Company") and its subsidiaries (collectively the "Group") Group it is incorporated in the People's Republic of China. export product as indvidual use equipment Infusio, drawing blood sta, syringe, trauma and spinal orthopedics p, hemodialysis products, More...
Avenida 2 vereda 7 casa 8 Sector 2 diagonal Clinica Jacinto Convit Boyaca 3 Barcelona Estado Anzoategui - Chacao - Caracas - Venezuela

Farmacia Pfizer El Salvador

Cytotec for sale in Salvador. Pfizer the original drug. Personalized assistance with highly experienced staff will advise you on the use of the drug.

Would be happy poderte q help reminds all your drug is effective if you follow the directions to the letter.

Cytotec Pfizer hexagonal with 200 mcg of misoprostol in each tablet contains the legend that says More...
Calle Pfizer, Cytotec el Salvador 503, San Salvador - San Salvador - El Salvador