Pharmacies in Latin America

Medical clinic, offers ultreasonidos, electrocardiograms, specializing in general surgery consultation and internal medicine.

Clinica Esperanza

Medical clinic, offers ultreasonidos, electrocardiograms, specializing in general surgery consultation and internal medicine.
- Somotillo - Chinandega - Nicaragua

Comercializadora La Confianza

We are a company dedicated to the import and sale of periodic replacement hydrophilic. With the line of cotton, gauze, bandages, gloves, masks and more.
Tope sur Rot. Bello horizonte 2 y 1/2 al sur 1/2 al sur este Managua.
Barrio 1ro de Mayo - Managua - Nicaragua

Pharmaceuticals in América Latina
Products for arthritis, psoriasis, vitiligo ...

in América Latina
National and imported medicines, gifts, medical perfume shop, consultations, diagnosis of the pregnancy, measurement of pressure...

Generando Salud

Cell Regenerator: increasing the breathing apparatus of the cells, stimulates the metabolism and cell division, allowing most agile, effective and junction work absocion functions, nutrition and elimination. Helps remove toxins, purify blood, tissue rebuilding, improving nutrition and biochemical activity of body, stimulates the immune system by preventing enfrmedades, slows the aging process and balances all systems as the physical, biological, More...
Carrera 2D oeste 12 -45 - Cali - Valle del Cauca - Colombia

Asociacion Cooperatina S/M Ins

We are a company that distributes medical supplies and surgical supplies to hospitals outpatient network cdi, missions and clinics in the area of ??health in generall.
Av. El Placer CC. La Puerta Nivel PB. Local LN5-B Sector Zanjon Colorado. Cabudare Municipio Palavecia Estado Lara - Palavecino - Lara - Venezuela

Curantur Farmacia Homeopática - Laboratorio

Pharmacy and laboratory develops homeopathic medicines unicist (under strict technical Hahnemann), complex and compounding in decimal scales, grads, and LM.
Calle 180 No. 11-20 Local 18 Piso 1 - Usaquén - Bogotá - Colombia

Natural products in América Latina
Provides a wide range of support for the immune system Stimulates the activity of natural killer cells (NK) 437% Educate immune cells...

Clinics and hospitals in América Latina
Burns either first, second or third degree should always be treated with proper care and cleaning. Burns can be treated with HBO therapy can...

Pharmadescuentos La 96

Our point has Balotto, bill payment, inyectología, spins, ice cream, candy, cosmetics, refills, and especially in health products and general sports.
cra 96 c 19-36 - Fontibón - Bogotá - Colombia

Nature´s Sunshine

- Cabimas - Zulia - Venezuela

Farmacia Farmatiempo, C.A.

Zona Ind. Castillito, C.C. Boulevard, Locales 4 y 5. - San Diego - Carabobo - Venezuela

Natural medicine in América Latina
Villa and school teaching hindu ayurveda ayurveda massage treatments and traditional southern India. ...

Atfarma S.A

Atfarma S.A You can now download the ebook for Windows "Basic Drug Guide 2015 '(GBM 2015)

Trial for the check, you take a look and if they think they would be useful to the full version, just envíme an email and we will be sending information on how to obtain it. We are already working on Android and other applications to have the More...
Panamá - Panamá - Panama

Farmacia Velasco

Sale of medicines and hospital physicians and specialized medical supplies.
Angel Ludeña oe5-264 y Pedro Cieza de Leon
Frente a Emergencias del Hospital Pablo Arturo Suarez NORTE - Cotocollao - Quito - Ecuador
Rpte: Dra. Margoth Velasco