Podiatrists in Latin America

Health for your feet, from argentina to ecuador painless treatments latest technology it has over 20 years experience in cases of: * ingrown toenails without removing.

Podologa Sonia Enderica

Podologa Sonia Enderica Health for your feet, from Argentina to Ecuador painless treatments latest technology
It has over 20 years experience in cases of:
* Ingrown toenails without removing nails with Clip System:
painless and definitive treatment to correct curvature of the nail
* Thick Nails
* Calluses
* Mushrooms
* Bunions
* Chicken Eyes
* Flat feet
* Chapped feet
* Special treatments for diabetic foot
* Other pathologies delos feet
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Clínica Arcangeles

licensed physicians and opinions.
general and mixed Health Care
podiatry clinic
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Centro - Heredia - Costa Rica

Orthopedics in América Latina
We manufacture braces are a Mexican company ...

Reflexoterapeutas en los Estados Unidos - AmarillasEstadosUnidos.com
Centro de Yoga y terapias Ancestrales, desde hace 5.000 años nuestros sabios han utilizado la medicina sagrada para su bienestar general, desde ejercicios o posturas...

Podologa Diana Alcivar

Do not ignore foot pain. It is not normal. If you experience any kind of persistent pain in the foot or ankle, please contact our office.
Inspect your feet regularly. Pay attention to changes in color and temperature. Look for thick or discolored (a sign of developing fungus) nails, and check for cracks or cuts in the skin. Peeling or scaling More...
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Hand`s and Foot

Hands and foot is a foot clinic where we offer podiatry services deep cleaning of both feet, with pre entions hygiene and sterilization is a safe and clinico pedicure.
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Podiatric Functional Recovery Center.
Foot pathologies treatments in children, adults
Diabetic Foot Specialist, Foot Risk and Elderly
Templates and care products Foot
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Doctors in América Latina
We are an interdisciplinary group dedicated to improving your quality of life, physical, psychological and social. we specialize in chronic pain management....

Namasté Podologia

Namasté Podologia  
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V & M, spa of hands and feet (pedicure, podiatry), waxing hands and feet ... Promo $ 750
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Preventive medicine in América Latina
Tests tratamienos osteoporosis and preventive ...

Clinics and hospitals in América Latina
We are an institution with a social function, with the lowest prices in the south-west and the best technology in medical equipment such as ultrasound,...

Medical Center Especialistas en Salud SAS

Medical center & podiatry podiatry specialists.
It is a private entity that works for human health. In this entity permanently we work towards excellence, using a Japanese scientific methodology of high quality accompanied by German technology tip, in order to help prevent and improve health problems in modern society.
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Podologia CPI

Podologia CPI Helomas comprehensive care, corns, ingrown toenail, diabetic foot reflexology footbeds, insoles sports, sale and rental of orthopedic articles.
Ayacucho 1467 - Vicente López - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina