Preventive medicine in Latin America

Panama ultrasound, ultrasound dedicated to the service, do all kinds of studies. We are providing a service characterized by high quality, fast and at low cost.

Consultorio Naturista Pro Salud

En calle del Nevada, cerca del mercado zona 3 Jutiapa, Jutiapa Guatemala. - Jutiapa - Guatemala

Ultrasonidos Panama

Ultrasonidos Panama Panama ultrasound, ultrasound dedicated to the service, do all kinds of studies. We are providing a service characterized by high quality, fast and at low cost. We have highly qualified and skilled personnel. Located in Doctor Brandao Medical Center.
Av. Los Periodistas detrás detrás de farmacias Metro de Av. Transísmica, a una cuadra del Restaurant Lung Fung. Edificio Roscam. - Panamá - Panama

Natural medicine in América Latina
Center specializing in natural therapies: colon hydrotherapy, naturopathy, homeopathy, Bach flowers, herbal medicine, nutrition, diet, skin conditions from (psoriasis, dermatitis) analis hair and hair treatments....

Clínica del dolor Ambato

Clínica del dolor Ambato Ambato clinic Specialized Center Ozone and pain, treatment of chronic pain, shoulders, hips, knees, rheumatoid arthritis based on stem cells and platelet growth factors.
herniated disc without surgery.
Juan Benigno Vela y Castillo Edificio Logos 2do Piso - Ambato - Tungurahua - Ecuador

Centro de Medicina Preventiva y Ocupacional

- Technicians occupational health and safety
- Health surveillance of workers
- Monitoring the health of students
- Pre Occupational Medicine , periodic and exit
- Clinical Laboratory and hormonal
- Audiometry / spirometry
- Spirometry / electrocardiography
- X-ray mobile equipment
- Psychometric Testing
- Environmental Measurements
- Risk assessment
- Management Audits sart
Av. Diego vásquez de cepeda y mariano paredes
edificio armonía - Carcelén - Quito - Ecuador


It puts to the service of the Loja´s community, the services of paediatrics and neonatology based on evidence, which assures to place in the high level the sensitivity and the rights of the newborn, toddler, child and adolescent, with the object of applying the evidence like right methodology of and effective diagnosis, which assures a right and effective treatment.
Rocafuerte 15-22 entre Sucre y 18 de Noviembre. Loja-Ecuador - Loja - Ecuador

Doctors in América Latina
Specialist neurological surgery, brain surgery and spine. ...

Nutricionistas en los Estados Unidos -
Somos un grupo de profesionales en nutricion, estamos colegiados y habilitados por el colegio de nutricionistas del Perú. Atendemos consultas a domicilio, tratamiento para obesidad,...

ARKA Medical Solutions

ARKA Medical Solutions ARKA Medical is a company that has analyzed the most advanced systems in occupational health, his team of doctors, nurses and health professionals in different areas work to provide solutions to companies and institutions committed to improving and maintaining the health of its employees in order to enhance their quality of life and therefore productivity.
San Antonio Escazu - Escazú - San José - Costa Rica

Nutrifit Plus

personalized nutritional advice aimed at physically active people, athletes, anyone individual who wishes optimal management of their body weight, vegetarians / vegans, among others.
We work under two modes:
On line: will you provide tools so that you achieve the goals from the comfort of your home or work. Ideal if you live outside of Venezuela. We could arrange a counseling via More...
Asesoría nutricional ON LINE
Presencial En chacao (Consultorio 1 Av. Francisco de Miranda y consultorio 2 a 2 cuadras del centro comercial San Ignacio) - Chacao - Caracas - Venezuela

Bodylogic del Grupo Pisa

Bodylogic del Grupo Pisa We are a growing company and we want to add our client base more efficient work pace that is why we need developers to expand the brand and the products we offer and to have good benefits. we have three lines to the Bolivian market: nutrition, aromatherapy and clinics shapewear garments.
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Occupational health in América Latina
Consulting and advice on occupational health and occupational risks, supported by the safety management system and occupational health OHSMS. ...

Pediatricians in América Latina
Ofresco services: paediatrician, neonatologa....

Oxigeno Liquido Synergy O2 Bucaramanga

Oxigeno Liquido Synergy O2 Bucaramanga Oxygen Therapy and Cell Regeneration Custom - Liquid Oxygen
Rejuvenate is now possible with Synergy O2. You want to start your own business with minimal investment and enjoy your product for free each month with a financial opportunity, health and welfare of those around you? We join us, we are the leading company in oxygenation and cellular nutrition, this may be More...
Versalles - Floridablanca - Santander - Colombia

Winalite Peru-Arequipa

Winalite Peru-Arequipa It is an international company that is in Peru, and distributes to products with tecniologia anion, sanitary towels of the high technology to the Serb of the world-wide populations, and simultaneously it gives the opportunity to develop an innovating business us of high is, ngresos, if it interests contactate to you with me, for asesorarte.
Calle puno 215 esquina con rosaspata. - Miraflores - Lima - Peru