Psychologists in Latin America

We provide professionalized women in all kinds of addictions and negative behavioral patterns treatment. Exclusive for ladies, and specialized treatment for adolescent girls.

Centro deTratamiento en Adicciones Casa Nueva Vida

Centro deTratamiento en Adicciones Casa Nueva Vida We provide professionalized women in all kinds of addictions and negative behavioral patterns treatment. exclusive for ladies, and specialized treatment for adolescent girls.
we counted a Convention to school for adolescents complete their schooling, crafts and workshops. It has specialized in addiction and behavioral problems besides parallel work with family by family therapy professional team. we have a program of social, More...
Av. del aire 1005 consultorio 401. Policlínico San Ramón. San Luis. - Lima - Peru

Centro Medico Libertad

Porlamar - Mariño - Nueva Esparta - Venezuela

Psicoterapeutas en los Estados Unidos -
Hipnosis clínica. - ansiedad - duelos - depresión - memoria - menopausia - andropausia...

Centro Clínico Psicológico

Centro Clínico Psicológico brief therapy couples and single brief therapy. Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of children, adolescents and adultos.Todas psychological evaluations and tests conducted in consultation are completely free. Ask about packages and seasonal offers.
2a. Avenida 3-51 Zona 10 - Guatemala - Guatemala

Msc. Anahi Navarro

Couples therapy, sex therapy, individual therapy, famila. He is working with adolescents, youth and adults
Av. 16 de Julio (el prado) edificio Herrmann - Murillo - La Paz - Bolivia

Psicologo Clinico

Psicologo Clinico Resolution of marriage, sexual conflicts, domestic violence, child behavior problems, inappropriate language, learning, memory loss, alcoholism, smoking and drug abuse, weight control, eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia, traumas, phobias, healing through hypnosis, suicide attempts, depression, management of muscle pain, insomnia, stress, despair, anger, sexual abuse, mental disorders due to medical illness, terminally ill patients, management of hatred and repentance, certificates and More...
E. Vacas Galindo y Av. Amazonas - Diagonal AKI del norte - Redondel FAE - Latacunga - Cotopaxi - Ecuador

Psychotherapy in América Latina
Emotional dependency Children education, vocational guidance Training and workshops Insecurity, self esteem Fear of public speaking, shyness Gestalt psychotherapy Sexology. Sexual dysfunction Couple therapy ...

Rehabilitation centers in América Latina
Relief and cure for cervical arthritis, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, early osteoarthritis of the hip, knee osteoarthritis and other chronic sports injuries. Manipulations, trofoterapia, electroacupuncture...

Psicóloga Viviana Velasco

In private practice all kinds of requirements are addressed in the subject of psychology and counseling to be offered: individuals, groups, families, institutions and organizations that need coverage thereof, or any process support and intervention, aimed at facilitating the solution to problems of all kinds and also to facilitate certain processes for these people and those estates. Similarly, private consultations More...
Cra 31 # 30-30 - Pradera - Valle del Cauca - Colombia

Centro abdicar

Clínica Alma Auxiliadora Guacara Centro Edo. Carabobo - Carabobo - Venezuela

911 Psychology & Human Resources

Psychological services are proven, psychoeducational evaluation and management, psychological tests and vocational interests. Treatment is offered to people of all ages. Most insurance plans accepted. service home, school or work area is provided. accessible, private, with parking and safety place.
San Juan, Puerto Nuevo, dentro de Ciudad Dorada. - Pueblo - San Juan - Puerto Rico

Speech therapy in América Latina
Speech Pathologist with over 12 years experience in the areas related to human communication and its possible disorders, with emphasis on diagnosis and treatment for...

EPT Psicologos

EPT Psicologos EPT Psychologists provides a space for clinical work where various mental health issues are addressed, such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, lack of motivation, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, relationship problems, marital conflict, sexual identity, trauma, addictions and dependencies, among others.
individual psychotherapy adults.
individual psychotherapy adolescents.
individual psychotherapy children.
Couples psychotherapy.
Avenida Las Condes 9792
Oficina 709
Las Condes, Santiago - Santiago - Chile

Centro Psicologico Integral CEPSI

Individual therapy, family and couple. We serve all kinds of psychological disorders.
Av. Huancavelica 733 Chilca (Alt. Parque de los Héroes) - Huancayo - Peru