Psychologists in Latin America

We provide professionalized women in all kinds of addictions and negative behavioral patterns treatment. Exclusive for ladies, and specialized treatment for adolescent girls.

Centro deTratamiento en Adicciones Casa Nueva Vida

Centro deTratamiento en Adicciones Casa Nueva Vida We provide professionalized women in all kinds of addictions and negative behavioral patterns treatment. exclusive for ladies, and specialized treatment for adolescent girls.
we counted a Convention to school for adolescents complete their schooling, crafts and workshops. It has specialized in addiction and behavioral problems besides parallel work with family by family therapy professional team. we have a program of social, More...
Av. del aire 1005 consultorio 401. Policlínico San Ramón. San Luis. - Lima - Peru

Rhina Lovo- Psychologue

Evaluations psychologique et psychotherapie. Je suis 100% francophone.
Services de Psychologie en Français.
Enfants, adultes, Jeunes. - Santurce - San Juan - Puerto Rico

Psychotherapists in América Latina
We specialized in married problems and/or even....

Psicoterapia en los Estados Unidos -
- Terapia transpersonal - Terapia floral - Individual-pareja-grupos - Talleres de discusion - Constelaciones familiares - Armonización reiki y cuencos tibetanos - Numerologia- carta natal....

Psic. Marjorie Cabrera

Psychological evaluation and intervention for adolescent children and adults
Av. 32, diagonal a Corpoelec, planta alta de la Óptica Karolina. - Cabimas - Zulia - Venezuela

Lic. Yolanda Vera Psicólogo Clínico

Evaluation and psychotherapy school children and adults.
- Sucre - Caracas - Venezuela

Atención Psicológica

psychological and educational attention.

Assessment and intervention in learning difficulties.

Guidance on conduct disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity without.

Guidance and support in disorders in language development.

Neurological stimulation program Neuronet
Curacao 2 y 1/2 cuadras al Este, Masaya - Masaya - Nicaragua
Rpte: Lic. Valeria Damiani

Rehabilitation centers in América Latina
Clinic Specialized in Treatment of Addictions (legal and illegal drugs, compulsive gambling among others), we counted on a select team of professionals to offer to...

Speech therapy in América Latina
Phonoaudiological Care for children and young adults in language. Speech, voice, and swallowing difficulties (swallowing). Language stimulation. Speech and language disorders. Difficulty...

P&M Psicología Integral EIRL

Av. canto Grande 3289 - S.J.L.
Ref. Alt. del paradero 5 - 6 de Canto Grande. - San Juan de Lurigancho - Lima - Peru

Psicologo Clinico

Psicologo Clinico Resolution of marriage, sexual conflicts, domestic violence, child behavior problems, inappropriate language, learning, memory loss, alcoholism, smoking and drug abuse, weight control, eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia, traumas, phobias, healing through hypnosis, suicide attempts, depression, management of muscle pain, insomnia, stress, despair, anger, sexual abuse, mental disorders due to medical illness, terminally ill patients, management of hatred and repentance, certificates and More...
E. Vacas Galindo y Av. Amazonas - Diagonal AKI del norte - Redondel FAE - Latacunga - Cotopaxi - Ecuador

Psicólogo Daniela Cordero

Psychological care for children, adolescents and adults, psychotherapy for phobias, anxiety, depression, anxiety, stress, management of disruptive behaviors, education and adolescent sexual orientation, psychological assessment, mental health certificate ...
San felipe, Calle 3, entre 2da y 3ra Av, consultorios del Rotary Internacional. - San Felipe - Yaracuy - Venezuela

Clinics and hospitals in América Latina
Centro de salud-radioterapia, servicios...

Licenciada en Psicología

Degree in Psychology, University of the Republic.
Parada 12 Roosvelt Punta del Este
San Carlos - Punta Del Este - Maldonado - Uruguay

Grupo Psicopompo

We are a psychological group conducting psychological assessment and provide therapeutic care to children, adolescents and adults.
Alpallana - Iñaquito - Quito - Ecuador