Radiology in Latin America

From the comfort of your home, we do all kinds of services: radiographic (chest, shoulder, leg, full abdomen, etc. ), and sonographic (full abdomen, urinary tract,.

Servicios Medicos Moviles SRL

Servicios Medicos Moviles SRL From the comfort of your home, we do all kinds of services:
Radiographic (chest, shoulder, leg, full abdomen, etc.), and
Sonographic (full abdomen, urinary tract, skeletal muscle, doppler color, etc.)
We have properly equipped to provide timely quality service with immediate results units.
Av. Militar 2781 - Lince - Lima - Peru

Unimagenes Diagnosticas

Types of studies performed in Unimagenes
General sonography, X-ray
Av. Manolo T. Justo No. 34 - Puerto Plata - Dominican Republic

Sonograms in América Latina
Opens a new path to knowledge of sonography, we invite you to join our teaching, it is never too late to learn something new. ...

Grupo Quito SAC

Grupo Quito SAC Center specializes in diagnosis, multislice computed tomography, and color Doppler ecofrafia 4d, bone densitometry, mammography, radiography, clinical laboratory, endocopia high and low.
Jr. Abtao 100 y Av. Grau 740 - Lima 13 (Al Costado del Hosp. Almenara - EsSalud) - Lima - Peru

Centro de Osteoporosis y Diagnóstico SAC.

We are a center that realises discardings of osteoporosis, by means of a modern equipment of radiology to the bones called bony densitimetr?a. We count on medical rheumatology and we sell medicines. Also, we make gratuitous detections in the companies with our portable equipment of heel.
A. El Polo 308 - Surco (altura Av. Primavera y Encalada) - Lima - Peru

Centro Imagenes del Noreste

Radiologico Center certified by the Joint Commission. The latest technology High Field MRI and CT Scan 3 Tesla. Seating for obese patients (550 pounds).

We accept all insurance plans. Results in 24 hours. Transportation access.
Ave. Roberto Clemente C-5
Urb. Villa Carolina
Carolina, Puerto Rico 00985 - Carolina - Puerto Rico

Medical centers in América Latina
Inframedica of Venezuela is a company dedicated to the accomplishment and execution of hospital projects in both the public and private, installation and sale of...

Clinica Conocoto

vicente rocafuerte yu bruning esquina conocoto - Centro Histórico - Quito - Ecuador

Radio Odonto Digital

Clinical diagnosis of oral and maxillofacial.
Tomography odontologica Cone Bean
odontologica Radiology
Documentations for orthodontics (panoramic cephalometric radiographs awards awards widescreen models studio photographs.

Dra. Luz Lilia V. Anaguari Specialist Radiology Postgraduate Dentistry-Campinas Brazil RNE No. 979 (Peru) CRO-PA 4586 (Brazil)
Calle Santa Lucia Mz R Lote 16 Urb. La Merced
(frente a la parroquia de Fatima) - Trujillo - Peru
Rpte: Martin Uriol


Unissoca We are the most complete company in the field of Occupational Health, Industrial Hygiene and Safety of the Central Occidental Region of Venezuela, after we have all kinds of solutions to advise entrepreneurs and government bodies to protect the health and safety of workers in the framework LOPCYMAT legal and other relevant laws.
Av. Sucre, Edif. Kadosh (Hotel Victoria), diagonal Procuraduría del estado Barinas, Piso 1, Local 6, Sede de Unissoca. - Barinas - Venezuela

Clínicas dentales en los Estados Unidos -
Clinicas masdent eirl es una empresa orientada a brindar servicios de salud odontologica integral y especializada. Areas de atencion: - ortodoncia - rehabilitacion oral -...

Radio Odonto Digital Trujillo

Clinica dental radiology and tomography and specialized orthodontic
Calle Santa Lucia Mz R Lote 16 Urb la Merced en frente de la Iglesia de Fatima (entre Larco y Fatima) - Victor Larco Herrera - Trujillo - Peru

Home Images PSC

Digital radiology services at home
Avenida Borinquen numero 100 Suite 3-2
Trujillo Alto Puerto Rico 00976 - Saint Just - Trujillo Alto - Puerto Rico