Reflexo therapeutics in Latin America

Podiatric functional recovery center. foot pathologies treatments in children, adults diabetic foot specialist, foot risk and elderly templates and care products foot.


Podiatric Functional Recovery Center.
Foot pathologies treatments in children, adults
Diabetic Foot Specialist, Foot Risk and Elderly
Templates and care products Foot
Sauces 9 Avda Isidro Ayora Cueva y Gabriel Gómez pasando el Sector de lavadoras de Autos 100 mts antes y diagonal a la Española de Carnes - Guayaquil - Guayas - Ecuador
Rpte: Miguel Angel Silva

Centro Espiritual Caminos de Luz en Samayac

spiritual healing energy
Chaman and Mayan priest
Esiritista and teacher esoterico
spiritual assistance in the field of health and prosperity love
Call and consultation
spiritual table
Santeria and indigenous Maya
Zona 3 Quetzaltenango
Solola - Quetzaltenango - Guatemala

Natural medicine in América Latina
Attention in natural medicine, acupuncture services , herbal medicine, homeopathy, neural biopuncture , massage , medical magnetism . ...

Podiatrists in América Latina
Professional care ingrown nails, thickened nails, corns, diabetic foot and the elderly. ...

Clinica de hipnosis Quetzaltenango

Clinica de hipnosis Quetzaltenango What is hypnotherapy? It is the use of hypnosis and skills of your mind to solve problems, addictions attack, emotional burdens, to feel new and renovated. It is achieved through scheduled professional hypnotherapist interiorizandote your subconscious mind to eliminate limiting beliefs to create positive changes in your life sessions.
1ra calle 2-78 zona 7 Jardines de Xelaju - Quetzaltenango - Guatemala


Charles de Gaulle 643 entre Pacheco y Manuel Castillo - Villa Morra - Asunción - Paraguay

Centro de Yoga Inbound Manta

Centro de Yoga Inbound Manta Yoga Center and ancestral therapies, for 5,000 years our sages have used the sacred medicine for general welfare, from exercises or yogic postures of self-healing, to energy, emotional and spiritual regulation.
Expanding the knowledge of body and marmas points to a conscious healing.
Calle 21 Av 31 Los Algarrobos - Manta - Manabí - Ecuador

Therapeutic massages in América Latina
It enjoys relax absolute. You'll feel like in so brief time, your body responds equal as if you had had 8 hours of deep dream....

Instituto Tay Podologos

Podiatry service for the whole family, podologico material is used and sterilized
Jr. Heroes de Tarapaca No. 131 - (ex walkuski) - Lima - Peru

Centro integral de belleza C-TU

Reductive treatments based massage wooden maderoterapia. Programs 12 days, non-invasive, 100% natural. Guarantee or we will refund your total direro.
Nautilius 207
La joya II - Manzanillo - Colima - Mexico

Pie Marrón

Pie Marrón Specialists in comprehensive and professional foot care
Guayas, Guayaquil - Guayas - Ecuador

Fisioterapia en los Estados Unidos -
Ofrecemos los servicios de terapia fisica - traumatológica - neurológica - deportiva - respiratoria - cardiaca - geriatrica. Terapia en agua. Con profesionales altamente capacitados,...

Energia Vital Panama

Altos del Golf, San Francisco - Panamá - Panama

Dra Kelley

- Aparecida de Goiânia - Goiás - Brazil