Reproductive medicine in Latin America

Gynecology and fertility center located north cone which has specialist in reproductive medicine in spain and colombia. it andrology laboratory and hormones.

Centro fertilidad y ginecologia FERTIGYN

Gynecology and fertility center located north cone which has specialist in reproductive medicine in Spain and Colombia.

It andrology laboratory and hormones that allow us to make a comprehensive diagnosis infertile couples, start treatment for insemination and in vitro fertilization at a cost affordable and achieving optimum results the dream of parenthood.
Av Guillermo de la Fuente N° 550 -A 3ter piso Urb.santa luzmila Comas
Av.Paseo de la Republica N| 4492 Miraflores - Lima - Peru
Rpte: Edisson Ponce Pajuelo Director medico Ginecologo

Dra. Daniela H. Patruno H.

Appointments: Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 4pm,
Enquiry: Monday and Thursday from 7:30 to 4pm, Tuesday 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Ginecólogs pre-natal OB and high risk obstetrical sonograms transvaginal sonograms colposcopy consultation gynecological control family planning menopause Implanon IUD placement (sub dermal implants) Obstetric Ultrasound, evaluation and prolapse surgery, hysterectomy and other surgeries surgical sterilization, breast ultrasound, cytology More...
Av. francisco de Miranda con Calle Elice, edif Centro Peru, Torre A, piso 10, consultorio 108 - Chacao - Caracas - Venezuela

Ginecólogos en los Estados Unidos -
Clinica médica en especialidad de: ginecología - obstetricia - infertilidad....

Family planning in América Latina
Midwife care professional to control and gynecologist, see breastfeeding, obstetric consultation and control, decision Pap test, breast exam, family (contraception) planning among others. ...

Centro Andrológico Recoleta

Recollect andrological Center was created by specialists in urology and andrology, with the aim of offering a solution to sexual and reproductive disorders of male through a comprehensive vision that encompasses the physical and psychosocial aspects of the patient.
Larrea 1147, Piso 4º “B” - Recoleta - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Especialidades Ginecológicas

Integral attention in health of the woman. Attention to adolescent children and, including prenetal control. Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Attention to companies and foreign visitors.
- San Salvador - El Salvador

Dr. Iván Gabor Reyes Armas

Dr. Iván Gabor Reyes Armas Specialized medical care and obstetric gynecology, pregnancy and childbirth, gynecologic surgery, laparoscopy, mesh, infertility, ultrasound

Stage in Pennsylvania Hospital - Philadelphia, USA.
Av. Arequipa 2375
Lince - Lima - Peru

Sonograms in América Latina
Control obstetric diagnostic ultrasound 3d - 4d, gynecological, transvaginal, breast, thyroid, liver, gall Vili. pancreas, spleen, kidney, prostate, testis, eco pleura, and so on. ...

Urology in América Latina
Urological use laser equipment, the latest surgical procedures, latest developments in urology....

Centro Medico Xochipilli

Medical Center working on sexual and reproductive health, general medical consultation and gynecological consultation, sale of contraceptive methods, sexual education, training workshops on sexual and reproductive health. Mental, health psychology and psychiatry, individual psychotherapy and couples. Depression, anxiety, bipolar affective disorder, epilepsy, gender violence and domestic violence. Therapy gender sensitive.
Enitel 3c. Oeste 1/2c. Sur - Barrio El Cementerio - Jinotepe - Carazo - Nicaragua

Laboratorio Fertimexico S.A de C.V.

Mexican laboratory specializing in: semen analysis, sperm bank, semen preparation techniques, testing sperm DNA fragmentation, sperm donor catalog.
Tuxpan # 39, int.305. col. Roma Sur
Del Cuauhtemoc, c.p. 06760 - Cuauhtémoc - Distrito Federal - Mexico
Rpte: Biol. Gerardo Cerezo Parra

LDB Laboratorio de Desarrollos Bioquímicos

LDB Laboratorio de Desarrollos Bioquímicos We are a specialized in assisted reproduction, diagnosis and treatment of high and low complexity.

We have a team of professionals with vast experience and cutting edge technology.
Av. Córdoba y Cámpora, Clínica Mondueri-Ruiz - Punta Del Este - Maldonado - Uruguay

Psychotherapists in América Latina
Anguish, anciedad, depression, phobias, attacks of panic, anorrexia and bulimia, addictions. Children: upheavals of conduct and learning, enuresis, phobias....

Consultorio Médico Quirúrgico Lindao - Naranjo

Doctor's office:
- General medical care
- Specialized care in general surgery
- Clinical care management sexual and reproductive health
- Emergencies
Barrio Eloy Alfaro
Avenida 9ª entre Calles 15 y 16 - La Libertad - Santa Elena - Ecuador

Asesores en Nutricion y Reproduccion Lechera

We specialize in management and nutrition reprodcutivo dairy herd , giving a personalized service .

Our goals are to potentiate the production maximisando training staff and resources.
Rinco 054 esquina Colon - Rosario - Colonia - Uruguay