Sonograms in Latin America

Consultation mastology, digital mammography, breast ultrasound, bone densitometry, ultrasound-guided biopsy and punctures. Everything you need in one place .

Ecos 3D

Avenida Libertador Torre Majestic PH1 - El Recreo - Caracas - Venezuela

Dr. Jesus Arias Cirujano - Mastólogo

Dr. Jesus Arias Cirujano - Mastólogo Consultation mastology, digital mammography, breast ultrasound, bone densitometry, ultrasound-guided biopsy and punctures. Everything you need in one place
Final Av. Carabobo. Urb La Viña. Centro Policlínico Valencia. Torre c Piso 2 Consultorio 212. Valencia Estado Carabobo. Municipio Valencia. Parroquia San Jose. Código Postal 2001 - San José - Carabobo - Venezuela

Gynecologists in América Latina
Comprehensive care clinic for women, birth control, family planning, detection of cervical cancer. hospital and surgical management Preprogrammed and emergency care of deliveries. ...

Radiology in América Latina
Medical vision srl The company provides the following services: ray "x" in cabinet, clinics and home care, dental radiographs and oxygen (sale and rental of...

Dr. Juan Parada Malek

Dr. Juan Parada Malek - Health & Wellness
- Obstetrics, gynecology, obstetrics, obstetricians.
- High resolution 3d ultrasound, 4d
- Treatments for infertility
Hosp. Punta Pacífica, Centro Médico Alfa - Panamá - Panama

Ultrasonidos Panama

Ultrasonidos Panama Panama ultrasound, ultrasound dedicated to the service, do all kinds of studies. We are providing a service characterized by high quality, fast and at low cost. We have highly qualified and skilled personnel. Located in Doctor Brandao Medical Center.
Av. Los Periodistas detrás detrás de farmacias Metro de Av. Transísmica, a una cuadra del Restaurant Lung Fung. Edificio Roscam. - Panamá - Panama

Consultorio Clínico Libertad

Consultorio Clínico Libertad Color Doppler echocardiogram individuals and health institutions.
El Viejo Pancho 2586 - Pocitos - Montevideo - Uruguay

Doctors in América Latina
Prolotherapy cures chronic pain without surgery. Spine disc herniations, arthritis, arthritis of the shoulders, knees, hips, elbows, ankles. also eliminating pain in migraine, fibromyalgia,...

Dr. Iván Gabor Reyes Armas

Dr. Iván Gabor Reyes Armas Specialized medical care and obstetric gynecology, pregnancy and childbirth, gynecologic surgery, laparoscopy, mesh, infertility, ultrasound

Stage in Pennsylvania Hospital - Philadelphia, USA.
Av. Arequipa 2375
Lince - Lima - Peru

Escuela de Sonografía de Santo Domingo

Escuela de Sonografía de Santo Domingo Opens a new path to knowledge of sonography, we invite you to join our teaching, it is never too late to learn something new.
Respaldo Bellas Artes No. 7, Urb. El Millón
10149 Santo Domingo - Distrito Nacional - Dominican Republic

Gabinete de Ecografía Dr. Edison Llanos S.

We realise ecography general and specialized Doppler color, tridimencional and ecointervencionismo: Ecographies of abdomen, gynecological, obstetrical, intracavitarias, thyroid, mammary ductal, neonatal, musculo-skeletal hip and of soft parts generally.
Calle Juan Misael Saracho 975
entre Fray Manuel Mingo y Corrado, Altura Colegio San Roque - Tarija - Bolivia
Rpte: Dr. J. Edison Llanos Segade.

Clinics and hospitals in América Latina
Specialized care, medicine and surgery, and paravertebral ozone autohemotherapy, prolotarapia, electrotherapy and physiotherapy associated. ...

Ecógrafos Telemed

Ecógrafos Telemed Telemed Ecógrafos evolution and technological innovation in feedback systems and ultrasound imaging
c/ Olof Palme, 6 bajo 9
España - Alacant - Spain

Quimandi S.A.

Sale and distribution of vinyl examination gloves.
Km 14.5 via a Daule - Guayaquil - Guayas - Ecuador