Sports medicine in Latin America

Equipment sales and magneto ultrasound and electrotherapy.

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Equipment sales and magneto ultrasound and electrotherapy.
manz k lote 4 coop.virgen del rosario distrito de ancon lima peru - Ancón - Lima - Peru
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Consultorio Medico "Prados del Sol"

General medicine consultation adults and children, cytological screening, fogs, occupational medicine consultations.
Urb Prados del Sol calle 10, transversal 5, Sector Venezuela, manzana R-10. - Araure - Portuguesa - Venezuela

Physical therapy in América Latina
We are a group of professionals dedicated solely to the fight against stress ...

Intermedi, C.A.

Intermedi, C.A. Our company provides home health care, transportation and basic and advanced support in type II and III ambulances, unlimited attention or urban location or age; Rental type II ambulance for SMEs; emergency coverage at sporting events; vacation plans; institutional celebrations in compliance Lopcymat and occupational medicine, in order to ensure the most precious... the life and health of our members More...
Valencia Estado Carabobo - Carabobo - Venezuela

Terapia Física Nebaj "TFN"

Terapia Física Nebaj "TFN" Treatment for any physical injury. Treatment for muscle injury, ligaments, tendons and rehabilitation for people with disabilities
Cantón Xolacul 6-93 Zona 0, Nebaj, Quiché - Quiché - Guatemala


Fisiopersonal "The therapist performs patient assessment to identify the cause and treat it.

"Following the outcome develops a treatment plan and schedule of therapy.

"The physical therapist approaches the patient's home at agreed times by appointment and makes the split assigned therapies achieve desired results.
Av. Larco 742 E - Miraflores - Lima - Peru

Rehabilitation centers in América Latina
Consutorio stimulation and rehabilitation of children in the areas of neurostimulation, psychology, speech therapy, physical therapy, consultations, evaluations....

Guía de trabajo y empleos en América Latina -
Encuentra trabajo o personal en América Latina. Anuncios gratuitos con curriculum.


Sale and manufacture of orthopedic devices, medical equipment, rehabilitation equipment, hospital line, wheelchairs, prostheses, orthopedic shoes and insoles.
- Loja - Ecuador

Traumatologo y Ortopedista

Orthopedic trauma and complications.
Medical clinics for diagnosis and treatment of bone diseases or injuries of ligaments, muscles and sports injuries and diseases, adult and child.
7a. calle A 7-24 zona 7 Colonia Quinta Samayoa. y en Clinicas Medicas San Juan 19-00 Colonia Montserrat zona 4 de Mixco. (previa cita) - Guatemala - Guatemala

Quemaduras Tratamiento con Medicina Hiperbárica

Hyperbaric oxygenation is an alternative treatment that can take people suffering from burns; as it helps to improve microcirculation and reduce swelling, accelerates healing, reduces the risk of infections, hospital stay to have a better and faster recovery, among others.

Hyperbaric del Valle has specialized in hyperbaric medicine physicians who will attend with all the professionalism and seriousness expericia.

We multiplaza camera More...
Calzada de Guadalupe 674, local A3, Col. Industrial. C.P: 7840, México, D.F., Del. Gustavo A. Madero - Distrito Federal - Mexico

Orthopedics in América Latina
Prothesis ocular to size. Manufacture and consults clinic. Service to professionals and individuals....

Chiropractics in América Latina
Center clinical care, training and research in manual therapy ...

Sport Nutrition

A Colombian company with over 15 years experience in the field of sports supplements and sports nutrition. Our experience , reliability and professionalism , in addition to the efficiency and quality of our supplements , makes us now the company 's most prestigious sports supplements Colombia .
- Dosquebradas - Risaralda - Colombia

Rehabilitacion Fisica y Ortopedica Angeles

Medical services in rehabilitation medicine specialist, with comfortable and comfortable areas of physiotherapy. Rheumatic diseases, sports injuries, sequelae of fractures, low back pain.
cozumel. pedro joaquin # 599
cancun: cond. pedregal del bosque, sm43, mz 7, lote 9, dpto. 16 - Cozumel - Quintana Roo - Mexico