Veterinary equipment and supplies in Latin America

It makes of stoves of culture, drying and sterilization for hospitals, laboratories, odontologists, veterinary, pedicuria.

San Jor

San Jor It makes of stoves of culture, drying and sterilization for hospitals, laboratories, odontologists, veterinary, pedicuria
J.V. Gonzalez 1115 - General San Martín - Gran Buenos Aires - Argentina


Veterinary products of the high technology, for high performance
endectocidas - desparasitantes - serum - vitamins organic ad3e - antibiotic - put - endectocidas - modifiers. (gain of weight) antimastiticos
texaco Guanacaste 2c. Al Lago, 1 y Media Arriba. - Managua - Nicaragua

Veterinaries in América Latina
A leader with first class services dedicated to preserving public health between pets and humans, provides general medical, surgery, immunizations, hospitalizations, pharmacy, medicated baths, lodging,...

Servigan Sabana Ltda

Sampling for certification of farms free of brucellosis and bovine tuberculosis, and mobilization.
calle 10 # 4-24 ofic 301 - Caloto - Cauca - Colombia

Veterinaria Pluto 2

Everything for your pet's health .
Carrera 10 entre Calle 11 y 12 Barrio 5 de Julio - Pedro María Ureña - Táchira - Venezuela

Veterinaria Vicman Sucre

Veterinary clinic, pharmacy, pet shop, hairdresser and sell pets
Sucre - Nataniel Aguirre 314 - Oropeza - Chuquisaca - Bolivia

Medical equipment: sales in América Latina
We are a young company dedicated to meeting the needs of our medical diagnostic, with high professional ethics and sense of service. Factory direct...


Trazur Animal traceability technology solutions, advisory services, software and readers of caravans.
Guayabo 1911, Of. 701 - Cordón - Montevideo - Uruguay


Bird-raising products - agricultural-balanced - veterinary. Sales by major and menorAntibioticos, antiinfllamatorios, analgesic, anti-parasite, vitamins, minerals, vaccines, disinfectants, balancedos for birds, pigs, cuyes, rabbits, mascots: Proplan - dog Chow - Pedigree - Procan - MimaskotPronaca, liris, economic, morochillo, afrechillo, agricultural etcProductos: Installments, organic, chemical, seeds, vegetables, alfalfa, grass, fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides, matamaleza, pumps to fumigate, trays of germination, raticidas, insecticides, More...
Llano Grande, Calle Garcia Moreno s2300 Y Eduardo Racines, 500 Mts -3 cuadras Pasando La Virgen O Las 4 Esquinas De Llano Grande - Calderón - Quito - Ecuador

F & F Consorcio Veterinario SAC

Veterinary and wholesale instrumental product distributor.
Ricardo Flores 357 - Ofic. 101 - Santa Catalina - La Victoria - Lima - Peru

Medical equipment in América Latina
Sale, rental and technical service of medical equipment. ...

Que Lo Tiene Todo

El Paraíso - Caracas - Venezuela

Creative Dental & Medical Supplies

Creative Dental & Medical Supplies Odontological distributor of materials and equipment for all the specialties. Also we have available equipment diagnosis for veterinary doctors. Special prices for students and dental deposits in Latin America. We count on the endorsement and the guarantee of marks recognized internationally.
- Chacao - Caracas - Venezuela

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